Ozzy and Sydney

by Keith

Sitting on adirondack chairs at my parents place

Sitting on adirondack chairs at my parents place

Ozzy is the blue merle, he is almost 4 years old and Sydney is the red bi-color and just turned 2. They love going to the dog park and playing with the other dogs or chasing the ball. I should say Ozzy likes chasing the ball, Sydney has no interest other than keeping Ozzy from getting the ball. She is usually the fastest dog in the park and likes to show off her speed. Unfortunately, she only runs around as long as Ozzy does. Once he gets tired, she kinds of shuts down too. They are both great dogs though.

Ozzy is a big lap dog and loves to just chill next to or on top of me on the couch. Sydney is a little more of a loaner. She'll pop in every once in a while to get pet and then go down and lay on her bed. They are the greatest dogs. When I go out to the tennis courts at my condos, all of the neighborhood kids come in and play with them and want to pet them and throw the ball to them.

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Having 2 Aussies
by: Becki

Yes I have two Aussies and the competition kind of screws up up the frisbee catching around here.
Sometimes when alone they are not interested.
Still love them, lots!!

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