Pacing Aussie/Boxer Mix

by Vicki
(North Carolina)

Harley is now 8 years old, for years he has been running the perimeters of his area (underground fence), back and forth continuously for hours, and will bark at each turn.If something gets in his way he will go back and forth from that point. I have not been able to break him from this habit. He is also extremely fearful of thunder.

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by: Suzan

I had rescued 2 dogs, one would do the pacing and the other was afraid of thunder. she would run the perimeter of the fence and bark at each corner. We started going out with her and each time she started doing that we would distract her by playing a game with her using her favorite toy and treats. She does not do this anymore unless she is in a new place. My other dog was extremely afraid of thunder, sometimes the games did not work and I would read to her. This may sound weird but reading to your dog will calm him. When she heard me reading to her with a calm voice, she no longer focused on the thunder. Now every time there is a thunder storm, we curl up on the bed and I start reading to her. Every dog is different, but this worked for mine.

fear of thunder
by: Becky

For years our 2 aussie's were terribly afraid of any rain etc. Somewhere we read that making over them only made them feel there must be something to be afraid of.. I tried to see that we had lights on, and something to drowned out the thunder.(washer, dryer, dishwasher etc) Then we would play with a toy and watch tv , read a book do dishes or whatever. It killed me but bit by bit they got over it and now they go get their toys out for me when it rains.. The pacing might be from anxiety and lack of focus. Caeser says to give them a job.. Ours love when I put a scarf on them and go outside or hand them a toy to carry and go out. I guess they think it is their job and concentrating on it gives them something to focus on.. Good luck. Love my aussies!

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