Panting And Breathing Fast (New Puppy)

by Barb Stein
(Wilderville, OR)

My new 14 week old Mini Aussie just came home today. He has been panting a lot. When he lies down to sleep he keeps breathing really fast. Is it a nervous fear response?

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Panting & Breathing Fast
by: Anne

If the puppy is out of breath at rest than you need to get them checked by a vet. We had a puppy like that that had to have a heart operation, because it had a hole in it's heart.
Probably isn't that serious.
Make sure your puppy ALWAYS has access to fresh water.

Anne Calmes
Gold Ring Aussies

painting and breathing
by: Anonymous

sounds like he is nervous but if it doesnt stop Id take him in to the vets might have an upper respority problem. Im no medic but just saying with a young puppy you shouldnt take any chances.

Follow up...
by: Anonymous

Did you ever resolve this? I have a 10 week old doing the same.

Fast breathing
by: Anonymous

It is completely normal. Puppies, much like human babies, breathe over twice the speed of full grown dogs and humans. Their lungs are still growing and developing and need twice the air to strengthen the muscles. They will also hiccup a lot, both actions are just the way the lungs develop themselves.

rapid breathing
by: Anonymous

I hope it's just because he's still growing. Sometimes it's faster than other times. Maybe when they are in a deep sleep resting it's slower??

Mine Too!
by: Anonymous

I just brought home a 7-week-old Aussiedoodle, and he rapidly breaths at all time! It's scary; it sounds like panting. Fast, short and shallow. It slows only a little while he's sleeping and he's restless. I will have him checked by a vet as soon as possible, but he was vet-checked two days ago before I picked him up (the breeder said and provided a record). I would think the vet would have noticed, but it's unsettling so I will have him checked. He's only been home for a day, so perhaps he's overly anxious and has separation anxiety. But he breaths like that while sleeping, too—and he doesn't stay asleep for long, even in his crate at night! Any ideas???

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