Paraylsis In My Dog

by Traci

About 1 year ago I brought my Aussie to vet. Vomiting, diarrhea weakness loss weight. Test after test couldn't find out what was wrong. Tried all different meds, She would get a little better and then 6 months later start up again. They were thinking possible stomach cancer, adkinds disease but all test didn't seem to match up, although her blood levels were indication something was wrong, no blockages. Well last time was in March and been doing fine until know. Can't eat anything but her dog food or will vomit it back up.

Now she is getting sick again but this time she has paralysis type on her left side walking/standing and her legs just go out to the side. Have to pick her up at times can't make the stairs. She has been tested for Lyme disease years ago and had been positive and also treated. On a course of antibiotics again but she can't keep it in at all times.

I am not sure what is going on this time, but the weakness is progressing and so is the paralysis on her left side sometimes walk on her knuckles. Just seems like she can't feel it, have to be careful her foot was stuck in door and she didn't seem to feel it to say anything. I was right there so she didn't get hurt from it. Still drinking eating a little hard time holding herself up to go to the bathroom, but at times she perks up. Any ideas?

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by: Nonnie3896

I am so sorry about your Aussie. I don't have any answers for you, but I am sure someone in this online community will.

I will be praying for an answer.

so sorry
by: Anonymous

did you have X-rays taken? of his spine? do you know if he got bit by a snake or bulllfrog who releases toxin that paralysis.? I am so sorry, I pray your dog will be well again. also, have you considered a chiropractor? I myself try and do everything as natural or holistically as I can. I have a vet, and she does message, infarred, and detox, and more. perhaps you can look into holistic vet or chiro. My heart truly goes out to you and your pup.

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