by Emaleah

My family got a red merle Aussie after the first of the year. Considering this was the first puppy my brother (10) and I (15) owned we were very happy and proud of our beautiful pup! Unfortunately, about after five days she began to act lethargic. So that day we took her to the vet. The first thing the vet told us (we had never been to this vet before) was "We are letting everyone leave early because of the snow, so the only thing we can do is you give us $600 now and we can put an IV in her, as a down payment, or we can put her to sleep." All and all she pretty much said that we weren't leaving with her. We decided it was best to put her down. The vet said parvovirus can live up to 6 months and the best thing to do was to bleach were she pooped in the yard. So after the snow all melted that's what I did.

Well, my mother has been looking for different breeders to buy another Ausssie from in later fall and she found the perfect breeder, but after talking to her my mom found out parvovirus can live 6 months to 5 years!! I really don't want to what till I'm in collage to get another Aussie!!! Can anyone tell me any real facts they know about parvovirus? I heard that even if a bird stepped in an infected dog's stool and lands in my yard the puppy could get parvovirus! Also I've heard of parvovirus shots? Does anyone know anything about those?

Thank-you for reading and possibly answering my questions!

One last thing, when we bought her she was already infected. And she was six weeks old.

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by: Debbie

I am so sorry for your loss. The first thing I do when I purchase a dog is take it to the vet right away. I do put bleach on solid surfaces but how could you possibly put it on the dirt. Anyway, I make sure that as soon as the dog goes it is cleaned up. Yes there is something for parvo. If you would have taken the dog to the vet when you had gotten it you would have found out it was sick. Good luck in the purchase of your next aussie. I have one that is almost 9 mo. old. she is the greatest dog I have ever had.

by: A responsible breeder

If you buy a puppy, and take it home too young it wont have had time to get all 4 puppy shots. All puppies should be given 4 puppy shots staring at 6 weeks. The most common shots for young puppies is called a 5 n 1 .
A good breeder will have been giving their puppies these shots starting at 6 weeks. For a total of 4 shots 2-3 weeks apart.
If the person you got the puppy from would have started the shots like is necessary. And told your mom to go to the vet to finish the shots. Your puppy probably wouldn't have been sick at first.
If you would have taken the puppy to the vet for its shots right away, too. It might not have got sick. The Parvo incubation is 3-7 days for the disease to incubate.
More puppies die because people don't get their 6 week old puppies started on the shots against disease killing puppies. They should get puppies shots before they sell the puppies, to new homes. And/or tell the new owners what they need to do... If needed people wanting puppies should research what responsibilities they will have. And what a responsible breeder should do, before selling a puppy. Before purchasing a puppy.
If you buy from a responsible breeder, and the puppy has had all 4 puppy shots. Is healthy, at this time, when you pick it up. Always have an appointment with a vet for a first wellness check. Within 3 days.. If you do all these things, you should be able to get any breed puppy you want. As long as you keep the yearly boosters up. Your puppy should not ever get parvo-virus, distemper, or any of the several, diseases the shots cover. And live a long healthy life. Always have a vet when you bring a puppy home, and own a dog. Take them for a yearly check up and boosters. Hope this has helped. So you can be a Happy pet owner! With a healthy pet.

Aussie owner, pet store employee
by: Sydney

Parvo is very dangerous and easily spreadable and very hard to cure, there actually isn’t a cure to parvo they have to stay at the vet until they get it to pass, this is the hardest part because they sit in the kennel with an IV all the time until they have been ‘cured’ of parvo. Parvo can be passed and I’ve seen many dogs actually survive it and I’ve seen some that have unfortunately passed away from it. Once a dog gets parvo it will never suffer it again since the dog already has the parvo virus floating around in them. If ANY dog with parvo has been in your yard your home and has pooped ANYWHERE a puppy or any animal CAN NOT go into that yard if they are not vaccinated properly. The puppy/animal will get parvo, even some vaccinated animals have gotten parvo, the best bet is to avoid going to any parvo infected areas, when you get a puppy it is always recommended DO NOT GO ANYWHERE until they are completely vaccinated. Parvo can also be spread airborne which makes it even highly more dangerous, I hate parvo and always have it’s a very dangerous virus, it can be survived in some cases. Hope this information helped.

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