Peeing While Excited

by Eric B
(Utica, MI)

I have a 6 month old Aussie/Border Collie, and every time someone comes over or when I get home from work she tinckles/pees when she comes close or if someone tries petting her. I'm guessing this is out of excitement and I tell people when they come over to not say hello to the dog for a few minutes to let her calm down but will she stop doing this as she grows older?

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Mine Too
by: Anonymous

My pup is doing the same too and he is a 6 month old aussie. Interested to see what people say. The weird thing is he didn't start doing this until about four in a half months old...

Peeing While Excited
by: Anonymous

Certain breeds are know to do this... my aussie never did it but my lab did it for a short period of time as a pup. She grew out of it. Hopefully your aussie will grow out of it.

Leaky Aussie Bladder : (
by: Anonymous

Our 5 month Aussie has a leaky bladder. It can be dribble or a lot depending how much liquid she is holding. I noticed its not as much if I let her out before I or someone else greets her. The vet said hopefully she will grow out of it. She does it when excited and she does it when she has been naughty and even when she is nervous. Its such a pain. The vet today also said that socialization can be helpful maybe training classes. They can give the dog more confidence by being able to do more and bond more with you and others.

Question on this subject to add
by: Messy Situation

If you have a dog that does this, are they male or female and if female, do they squat like mine or do they dribble standing up? If they squat does that mean they are doing it on purpose (like messing in the house) and it has nothing to do with muscle control and do you discipline? How do you teach them not to do it?

Piddle problem
by: Anonymous

My pup started the excited/nervous piddle thing around 5 months too. It got a bit worse right after I got her fixed but seems to be getting a little better. I would say MAKE SURE when you get home you don't look at or acknowledge him/her until they have gone outside and gone to the bathroom. When I get home my puppy is so excited I cant even put her leash on without her peeing. I started looking the end and just putting that around her neck. (because it can slip right over) after I get outside and she goes, I fix it and give her love. The key is to know when she is in that excited state and to make sure to get her outside and make her go before you give them the attention they desire.

What I found out about it
by: Peed Off

I spoke to my vet about this a few times. I have a 6 month female that has been doing this since I got her (3 months). If you get your dog spayed too soon that can cause it. It can also be due to a bladder infection. My vet also recommended socialization training but only after all medical issues are ruled out first. Its hard to deal with, in the mornings when I get up she wants to jump up on me and greet me and then piddle. I run out to our back yard and greet her that way. But anytime she gets worked up she piddles. She also squats and walks and pees outside. Wondering if anyone's aussie does that?? We thought it was the UTI she had because she got better about it during treatment but now she is back to doing it worse than ever. We are hoping she will grow out of it but so far no such luck. : (

no issue now
by: Terri

My aussie also did this from about 4 months old until she was a year old. She had a couple accidents after, but it has been about 2 years since she has had any issues.

My Auss has gotten better
by: Nancy

My female auss started around 4 months when I got her, soon after I had her spayed so I do not contribute that to the problem. She squats when she does it. I don't believe socialization is a solution personally. She did it out of excitement, nervousness, when she was naughty, when guests came. I think if you ignore her and don't make a big deal out of it then they calm down. Personally in the morning when I first get up I go directly outside on to our patio, pet her and she would pee there. I point to it, she see's it, its obvious that she felt bad and it has lessened when I have brought attention. Not scolded or punished because I do believe she can not help it. She is 1 year now and still does it occasionally but not nearly like she did at 4 months of age.

5-month old doing same thing!
by: Gaby

My 5-month old aussie also pees a little when he is excited, usually when someone that he knows and likes comes in. In his case I don't think it's a socialization problem since he meets about 10-15 new people every day (he is the star of the neighborhood!) and he sees dogs every day as well.
He only pees when he sees my husband (who can't ignore him for 2 min!), the dog walker or my parents who have played with him and boarded him a few times.
I was told it would go away by itself at around 10-12 months, but that it's really important to tell people to ignore the pup for the first few minutes until he calms down enough to be less excited.
Hopefully our pups stop this behavior in a few months!

mini aussie female piddles
by: Anonymous

My aussie started doing this excitement nervous submissive bad behavior peeing just as soon as she was house 2 weeks after..It's very annoying and messy too! She does it more around the teenage friends of my two sons...mostly boys. She is 8 months old..some what less of an issue than before and she is outside more. Really wish she would stop it. ):

Possible Bladder Infection
by: Anonymous

My Aussie had ecoli and a staphylococcus infection and had to be put on batril but only that med after 6 months of age!!! Its easy for a female to get bladder infections because when they squat they tend to squat very low to ground and its easy for poop or bacteria, etc to enter the urethra. I thought it was just bladder control at first but they really do suffer. Signs are peeing more than just once or squatting like they have to go and go but they don't squat long like its just a second or they are straining. Or you might see them peeing and walking at the same time across the yard.

Only when a YOUNG girl pets him
by: Anonymous

Raider only pees when a young girl pets him now, if you 40 or so he cool. He gets so excited when he sees little kids, he has to be petted. He does not pee if your a young boy. How do I stop this with girls?

by: Anonymous

My mini aussie does this as well, we were wondering if it would help to get another dog. Something to more mellow him out to see if it helps? Opinions?

Tinkle issues
by: Anonymous

My Aussie does the same thing! He tinkles when I come home from work, When I get home From being gone for as little as 30mins, if he gets excited/nervous, if he's done bad, if he hasn't been pet for a while and then gets pet... it's quite ridiculous. He's going to be 2yrs old in march and is still having this kind of behavior. Then when he's outside he can pee and walk at the same time as if urine isn't pouring right out of him.

2 year old Mini Aussie still pees
by: Susan O.

I have same issue female submissiveness type pee. When we get home we have learned to not look at her (no eye contact) and take outside (she has her own doggie door) if no pee then do not give much attention until calmed down or possible take a ball and throw it to distract after claimed.

She recently after playing and all was fine rolled over and I scratched he chest and she peed on my area rug. I was frustrated and made mistake of expressing disappoint she got up and did it again. Yikes!

So now I will try no expression (keep rug put up after cleaning, LOL) and keep small treats handy. If no pee, give treats and praise.

Omg that description is mine
by: Anonymous

If you find the cure send it my way!!!
That exactly describes my Aussie.
It's become really bad lately. I'm constantly cleaning up piddling.
She just turned 1. And I've had her since 8 weeks.
She has never had an accident. Trained to outside since I had her.
But, this piddling is when we come home or someone comes to the door!!!
And sometimes when someone goes to pet her. Not me though.
Will it ever stop? And why does she do it!?

So frustrating!
by: Anonymous

My Aussie is about 6 months old now, and he's been doing the same thing for about 2 months or so. He does it if he's. It getting enough attention, or if he wants more attention, he does t when he's playing with anyone, and he does it as we're opening the door to take him outside. We've tried just about everything, and we're at a loss at how to fix this, because it's ruining my house! If anyone has any solutions we'd try just about anything at this point!!!

pees for all reasons
by: Armin

My dog francis is a mini aussie. He is on the larger side. 31 pounds at 1 year 3 months.
As a puppy he would pee a lot in the house.
I moved in with my girlfriend. She has a house when he was 7months old.
His issue has always been that he drinks too much. I know, a dog cant really drink too much.
If you put water down, he gulps up everything. And will do so until he almost throws up. Within 10min. He needs to pee. However, I dont think he releases all the liquid.
He does pee in the house sometimes. maybe twice a month.
At first I thought it was only when my girlfriend was home.
He would pee and walk while peeing. Then 2 days ago I came home. He was outside 20min before. I look at him and he was all submissive and had his head down. I pet him to ask what is wrong. Then I noticed he is peeing. Not full peeing, just like it is running out. I picked him up and brought him outside. He then peed a lot.
Yesterday, my gf walked him, then came in the house and he peed on her foot and the rug. While she was taking the leash off.
I dont know what to do anymore. Any comments are appreciated.

Excitement Potty
by: Anonymous

I have 2 Aussie's a red and a blue 5 months old. My blue one does it and my red on does not. I too was wondering if maybe once he is fixed if that will help calm h down as well. Guess we will find out.

8 month old excited/nervous peeing mini Aussie
by: Anonymous

My seven-month-old of almost 8-month-old female Miniature Australian Shepherd is having me excited/nervous peeing. My vet suggested that we wait until after she has her first heat cycle before we get her spayed instead of the normal six months or after so that’s what I’m waiting forward to see if it stops. After reading a lot of the comments that everyone else posted I’m going to try the suggestion of telling new people when they come in or people that she gets really excited with because she wants to play to completely ignore her when they walk in the door and see if that makes a difference we actually haven’t tried that yet. The vet did say though that by waiting until after the first heat cycle that her bladder would be formed more fully and that it should stop after. I love my Vet And trust her completely. I really hope she’s right!

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