Does anyone else have an Aussie that likes to lay under beds, sofas, anything? I have a 3 month old toy Aussie, and he seems to prefer to lay under everything. We literally have to call him over, or go over and pick him up, for him to sit, or lay with us. I'm confused by this. My old Aussie (Luke) never did that, he always wanted to be with us, and sit with us; which is what I was expecting, and wanted from this one. Instead, he seems quite content to just lay under sofas, beds, coffee tables. Anyone else have an Aussie that does that? I'd like for him not to, but at the same time, I don't want to force him. I have picked him up, and brought him to sit with me, and he usually obliges, but shortly after, will jump down again, and go "under". He doesn't seem to be afraid, or distress.

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RE: Perplexed
by: Anonymous

I also had an Aussie who did that. She would even climb onto a bookshelf! When she was a puppy, she was very independent and didn't like to be sitting next to someone for over 5 minutes. She also liked to lay underneath the footrest when you had your feet up on the couch. She just turned a year a month ago and she has grown out of that phase... She prefers the bed and snuggling up to one's feet. I would recommend just to give him love and let him have his independence. I have two's very independent and the other one's attached to my hip! Hope that helped!

by: Vivian

My Aussie did exactly the same thing, he is now over a year and still likes to go under the beds. I think he would go under the sofa if he could still fit. He loves to be with us and at times cuddle right on your lap. They just like that feeling of safety I guess by hiding under things. I love the picture by the way.

by: Anonymous

thank you that does give me so hope

by: Anonymous

My 9 year old Aussie still sleeps under the bed every night. I have had others who do the same. Mostly, they really hate to be hot!

8 Month - Mini Aussie
by: Anonymous

My 8 month old Mini Aussie sleep under my bed every night! It seems like that is her safe place.

good to know
by: wilda

thank you all for sharing with me, it's good to know there's nothing wrong with him, nor does he like, not want to be with me. funny, how I never gave it a thought when My standard Aussie, luke slept on the floor, with only his head under the bed(because he didn;t fit, I realize now), but it never bothered me cause he was too big for our bed...haha...yet, this little one, I'd like for him to be with us or closer cause he's so little and cute...anyway, yeah, they definetly don't like being hot.
thanks the way any tips on crate trainning? I only use it when I have to go out, and he actually moves the whole thing, pees in it, and is obviously very upset to be left in it, but I can't trust hin not to chew all the rugs, furniture and more if I leave him out. My intent is to eventually do so, like I've done with the others, but boy, he really doesn't like being "behind bars". oh, and I never use it as punishment.

Same here
by: Sami

I have a 9 month old Aussie and she does the same thing! Her favorite spot was under the kitchen table, until she discovered the bed. She'll take toys under there, go when shes scared or thinks shes in trouble, or just to sleep. I think it must be like her "security blanket".

toy aussie likes to hide
by: Patti

My little four month old toy likes to sleep under chairs, usually the one that I am sitting in!! She has an older brother who is much bigger than she is and she uses the ability to fit under things as an advantage! Still, she occasionally will cuddle up, especially if she senses that I am getting ready to go somewhere and she knows that the crate is the next step. It doesn't mean that she doesn't love you, she just likes the "cave" feeling!!

by: Anonymous

We also have an Aussie who constantly goes under the bed for anything. We are so worried that he is stressed or just unhappy. Have never had a dog that did this. Anyone know why?

six years later
by: Wilda

wow, I can't believe its been almost 6 years that I posted that question. Cooper will be 6 next month. He still likes laying under tables. but aside from that, he's pretty much with me all the time. follows me every where, including the bathroom. we threw out the crate, and he sleeps in our room either in his own bed(when the Chi doesn't take it) or all around the room. he seems to favor a wall near me, on his belly, legs open and against the wall. lol love him more than I could have imagined. so smart, and funny too. would love to get another mini Aussie, a girl, but hubby thinks Cooper, and the Chi are enough for now. hows everyone else's Aussie's doing?

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