Petsmart Puppy Training

by Desmond
(New York)

Has anyone taken their puppy to puppy training at the Petsmart stores? I have an 8 week old Aussie that I am looking to start obedience training after the holidays.

If so, is it worth the cost and did your puppy get a lot out of the training?

Happy Holidays fellow Aussie lovers.

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by: Anonymous

I took my mini aussie to petsmart and it is worth it. They are positive trainers and do a good job and give handouts so you can work with your pet at home. For the price I thought it was worth it and they worked around my schedule.

by: Anonymous

I've met some really awesome trainers at pet smart but in my opinion (Like I said OPINION not fact) I would take just 15 Min of your day to train him. They are very smart and learn quickly. Like many have said they're one person dogs and will find that one person they live for. If you take the time if only 15 min they will learn and bond with you like no other dog. Plus it helps establish you as alpha in the relationship. Mine listened to me every command and the fiance only 35% of the time due to him seeing me as dad. They don't just openly share their friendship like a retriever charris that.

My Aussie Thinks She's A Golden
by: jcrply

My Aussie must be an exception. She LOVES, LOVES, LOVES people. Her most favorite thing to do is to interact with as many people as possible.
Regarding the classes: If nothing else, the classes offered by the pet shops provide an opportunity for your pup to interact with other dogs.

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