Pink Nose On Pup

Hi there, My husband and I just put down a deposit for a red merle puppy. She has BRIGHT blue eyes and is gorgeous and super sweet personality. I am just worried about ONE little thing... her blotchy pink and red nose. I was wondering if you think this is something she will grow out of? She is 4 weeks old.

I have read that they grow out of it and I will love her no matter what, I just want to know what to expect!

Thank you!


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pink nose
by: Heidi

Why would you care?

There are good reasons to care
by: Anton

As Jessica mentioned she wants to know what to expect. That's a good reason in itself even if it's just to satisfy curiosity about what might happen. It's also good to know that dogs with noses that don't change color and keep pink or lighter colored patches are more at risk from exposure to the sun.

Pink Nose
by: Jessica

I did hear about the sun exposure issue. I have also heard that it's more common for red merles, especially those with white on their face (like she does), often are the last of the litter to have their noses fill in BUT I don't know how long I should expect for this to happen. Since she is 4 weeks and appears to still have about 2/3 still white, Im wondering if this will actually occur. Thank you so much for any advice on this!

Pink Nose
by: Anonymous

I had 2 blue merl puppies with pink and black nose's. Both turned all black.

Pink Nose
by: Jessica

Thanks! How long did it take for them to turn all black?

pink nose
by: jcrply

I GOOGLEd "Australian Shepherd Puppies With Pink Noses" and got a lot of links. The following has a long, very informative article and some photographs:

pink noses
by: Janet

My girl is 5 1/2 months and her nose has almost completely filled in. At 6 weeks, her nose looked much like your puppy. I've been told that it should completely fill in by one year, and if not it's considered a fault. BUT, they can continue to fill in even after the age of one year. It's no issue for me, as I don't plan to show, but like you, I read up and asked questions just because I wanted to know. :)

No worries
by: Melissa

I have a red merle boy, with no copper. a few of benjis Instagram followers were certain he was a "lethal white" but thankfully he is a little cinnamony instead of pure white which if in the ears indicate deafness and pink around the eyes indicate sensitive eyes and yes, sun damage to follow. Benji had bright blue eyes which merled into light hazel and light sea blue but he squints a fair bit if its sunny. his nose was patchy, way more colouring than your girl and his nose still hasn't completely filled in (1 year old tomorrow) I stumbled here for the same answer! haha. he has one 20c piece on the left still pink and the bridge is only half filled too which gets burnt in summer without sunblock. she will be fine. if you can't find dog sunblock, baby sunblock is your next best bet. goodluck <3 all the way from Adelaide, Australia!

Know Your Breed
by: Anonymous

Almost all Aussies are born with spotted noses. AKC allows two years for the nose to fill in and the oldest Aussie organization ASCA allows one year. Aussies eyes and nose color can change throughout the first year. Most Aussies should mature with a solid nose...any Aussie that does not and has more than 25% of non-solid color is considered a serious fault. Researching a breed before you buy will make a much happy puppy and owner!

by: Huck'smom blue merle is 9 months old and still has about 25% of his pink on his nose....I love the pink and was sad to find out he would lose it as he ages.....though I realize I don't want him getting sun burned.....its just really cute!
I have a question....he has two ice blue eyes and one has lots of pink around it....the hair around that eye is white and sometimes the skin beneath gets really pink....does this mean anything?
Ok, thanks yall! I love my aussie, Huck! :)

Huck'smom ...
by: Anonymous

The "really pink" you mention could be a sunburn!

Pink fading at 5 months
by: Ryker's Mom

My boy is 5 months old and his pink spots are getting smaller and smaller. We are sad to see them go! He is a blue merle. Our first Aussie and the best dog ever!

Pink nose
by: Anonymous

As long as the dog's nose has only 25% pink it is NOT a fault.

Pink Nose
by: Anonymous

For y'all that are sad that your Aussie's nose is filling in be thankful! When your dogs get cancer you'll be crying. That's also a sign of poor breeding quality! YOU can thank the lying breeders that claim they know everything and call OTHERS Backyard Breeders when they're doing the very same thing!

by: Anonymous

Update of adult nose color?

Nose pigment
by: Anonymous

A red merle will not have a black nose. The nose will fill in but it will be brownish color. If the nose is black it isn’t a red.

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