Play With Ball Or Frisbees

by Gary Riesgaard
(Brayton, Iowa, USA)

I have a 1 year old Aussie. Will not have anything too do with a ball or frisbees?

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Hip Problems?
by: Anonymous

Have you had your dog's hips checked out?

Ball or frisbees
by: Anonymous

Are you just trying the fetching now? My aussie loved her ball starting at a few months old. Would not have anything to do with a frisbee. My lab from the get go would not have anything to do with fetching at all. Still doesn't after 3 years. I'm sorry - don't have any suggestions.

Play ball
by: Anonymous

I had a Beagle that was the same way.
It's just one of those things.
Do you have other dogs?

by: gayle--big run aussies

Please check out my frisbee article on this website. Not all Aussies, or labs, retrieve. I have had world class frisbee dogs and some that don't retrieve at all. Molly, my 5 yr old, could care less about retrieving, but her recent pups seem to all have that high drive retrieve of their grandma.
A mistake that many people make is throwing the article too far so that the dog loses interest. Get the dogs interest by saying, "get it, get it, get it" in an excited manor. And on the way back praise with a "bring it in" in a happy voice. Always keep it upbeat. If your dog does not retrieve, do something else. Molly doesn't care about retrieving, but loves agility and rally. Tricks are also great and people think your dog is a genius when he does tricks!

by: Anonymous

My 3 1/2 year old Aussie loves her ball. I tell her to "put in in here" and she puts it in my hand. The other day I had a basket full of balls and told her to bring the ball to me. She kept going back and getting a ball and bring them to me until the basket was empty. She won't put the balls back yet, but we are working on it. A fun, easy game. She loves to keep busy.

Playing with a ball
by: Anonymous

My first Aussie was not interested in playing with/chasing a ball until she was about 16 months old. My second one was the same until about a year. They then became totally obsessive about chasing a ball and both compete in flyball which they love.

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