Please Help, Australian Shepherd Is Growling And Nipping At Me

So I live with my boyfriend and his dad, and they have had this Aussie for at least two or three years. Apparently they've told me she was professionally trained, as well as trained with a shock collar. I've been in this house for over a year and she's a great dog most of the time.

Lately as of Sept 1, 2016 she has been showing some pretty bad misbehaviors. She doesn't listen to the father. She does listen to me, but I am more firm with her because I know talking to her lightly gets you nowhere. She is always whining and crying if she even for a second thinks she can't see my boyfriends dad, or if she has to be in her kennel while he is in the kitchen.

So, she used to listen to all of us. And if she needed redirection was usually pretty easy, and if she needed the collar it was no big deal. Well the dad decided to stop using it all the time and eventually stop using it at all. Now it's broken, the dog has been acting up FOR WEEKS now. Nipping, whining, not listen to anyone sometimes except for me.

Today she was being very bad because our lil nephew is here, and she's always crazy about him and wanting to be out and trying to get his toys to chew. I had to firmly tell her no a few times, and firmly tell her "house" which she should go into her kennel. A few times out of that she would not listen so I got up and pointed to her kennel and said "house". Those few times I had to do that she went into her kennel and growled at me.

She has also nipped at me if I try to apply her leash to her collar to take her out. Also nipped because she was told no when she tried to run past the baby gate.

I really need some freaking help. I don't even want to be here with this dog being this troublesome. She wakes me up earlier than my alarm clock just because she will hear my boyfriend's dad getting into his morning medicine. It's driving me nuts and stressing me out.

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You have a smart dog and you sound like you want a goldfish.
by: Anonymous

Your dog is perhaps one of the smartest breed of dog there is and you are expecting it to sit quietly and watch life go by. This dog has generations of running and herding and outthinking and understanding what the needs and wants of it's leader are and the where with all to complete those jobs, those skills with very little direction or training. And it sounds like you don't appreciate any of that. And one other thing.... a "shock collar"??? This is not a dumb animal that needs NEGATIVE reinforcement. This is a genius that needs positive support. She hears the sounds of early activity and comes to wake you... and you get upset because she is as accurate as your alarm clock? You aren't as accurate as your alarm clock! But she is. Maybe you need a different outlook... or a goldfish. Start valuing and enjoying your furry friend... if you don't you'll lose her.

Aussie nipping and growling
by: Anonymous

You don't mention how long you have been living in the house with your boyfriend and his dad. It sounds like a pretty complicated situation. Just off the top, I wonder if the dog saw the father as his alpha, and you coming on the scene with a strong and definite personality is now confusing him. I am concerned that the dog needed the shock collar in the house - it might be a good idea for some retraining. Doesn't sound like the dog is having pain issues, but might be good to have him checked out.

have a heart
by: Anonymous

Do the dog and everyone a favor, and please convince your boyfriend, and dad to give the dog up for adoption to someone who will love and care for him as he should.
It's pretty obvious than none of you know how to raise, nor train a dog.
Maybe you all would do better with....I don't really know...i hate to subject any animal to what you guys might do to it.
Seriously, call a rescue group, or a humane society (no kill) and give him a 2nd chance at a better life with a loving family that can appreciate his intelligence and energy.

Boyfriends dog
by: Anonymous

Wow! I'm amazed at the criticism being shared on this page. Can't any of you see this young woman is speaking out of anxiety and frustration? It's obvious by how she mentioned making this pup mind off shock collar (horrible training method) and writing to us for suggestions and help, that she cares and want to enjoy this dog again. Shame on you all.

Honey, get the dog to a vet first and foremost to make sure the dog is physically well. Then research reputable dog trainers in your area, perhaps specializing in older dogs with behavioral issues. We have a trainer locally that will come to your house to evaluate and help you train/retrain in a positive manner.

It will take time, it'll take money and all three of you investing in correcting the pup's issues. If it's too much, try to fingers a loving home for the dog. They are a smart, funny and loyal breed who should be enjoyed. Best of luck

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