Pooping in House

by Mary

My Aussie is 3 years old and is housebroken. He goes to the bathroom outside everyday. However, he still poops in the house at least twice a week. Particularly in our basement. How do I stop this behavior? We rescued him when he was 7 months old and worked hard to train him. Any suggestions will be helpful.

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Poop problems :)
by: Anonymous

There have been occasions especially when training, where my Aussies have gone to my bacement and done the same thing. It was when my son or i was not paying attention to let them out. I actually felt it was the nicest and smartest thing they could do. They always went to the part that was unfinished. Lol
My dogs are on poop schedule. I feed twice a day and about 30 min after they both poop. When I fed a lower quality dog food they had to go more frequently.
My suggestion is feed good quality food and get him on a schedule. Best of luck!

Pooping in Basement
by: Eliza4u2

Does he poop at night when everyone is sleeping or sneak off in the daytime to poop in the basement?

I've had the same problem with all my dogs in the past, which eventually would stop.. It's confusing. It's hard to detect the cause. I now have a 1 1/2 year old male that suddenly starting pooping in the house at night while we are sleeping (for no apparent reason), even though he'd go outside to do his business before and had access to go outdoors much of the day. This went on for weeks and was very frustrating. I thought it would never end. It's possible something in the diet was causing it or he could have felt stressed. If there are other dogs in the house, they sometimes seem to have contests too! I switched dog food and it has gotten much better. No accidents for about 3 weeks now. Back to normal.

The main thing to do is get him outside to do his business as many times a day as possible and especially before going to sleep. Pay attention to what he eats and to the consistency of his stool. I noticed when this happened with my dog, his stool was very loose. Even though he never appeared to feel sick, I don't think he was digesting properly. It seems he liked to find a hiding place to go too. I never scolded my dog for it. That doesn't work. As long as your dog has access to the outdoors and doesn't hold it too long, you'll probably see the problem go away. God luck! Be patient!

Poop problems
by: Mary

Thanks for your suggestions. We do feed him good food. He is allergic to chicken so he gets a no grain venison food. Same food since we got him. If I change his food, any suggestions? He sneaks into basement during the day through the cat door. I've caught him peeing the the litter box. LOL. He is so smart!! He is in his crate overnight. His poop is well formed so I know it is not because of upset stomach. We are hoping he out grows it. We love him so much, but this habit needs to stop.

Almost 3 been pooping in the house the last 8 months every chance he gets
by: Anonymous

I am so frustrated with the pooping in the house I’ve thought of giving him up. He was completely potty trained and I went on vacation for 2 weeks in February. He started pooping in the basement. I blamed it on my son not hearing him. I am the only one home all the time and it’s October and he’s still trying to find places to go hide and poop. He doesn’t even try to ask to go out anymore. I got a Golden Doodle who is a year younger than him and he has never done this behavior. I have to force the Aussidoodle to go out when the other dog goes or watch him like a new puppy and make sure I keep taking him. He will be 3 in January. I’m at a loss. He also keeps trying to get out (and has a lot) of my yard when I’m working. I have bricks and boards everywhere. Somethings got to work! He’s the smartest dog I’ve ever seen. I just don’t get it. Any advice would be appreciated.

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