Pooping Outside

by Addie

Our boy, Cutler :)

Our boy, Cutler :)

Hello :) My husband and I just got a 15 week old miniature Australian Shepherd from a breeder this past Thursday. He's been doing great so far. The only problems have been chewing (which we, for now, are attributing to his teething) and pooping outside. He does great with peeing outside. He will go as soon as you take him out. However, pooping has been a whole other story. I can catch him squatting inside, immediately pick him up and take him to his potty spot, and he will not go! I have been outside with him for half an hour or more telling him "go potty", rubbing his belly, etc. He goes almost 24 hours without popping sometimes, which cannot be healthy or comfortable.

Any one else dealt with this problem with their Aussie? Any tips on how to get him to poop more easily outside? Like I said, I know he needs to go as I see him squat inside. But as soon as he gets outside, it's like he refuses to go. It is frustrating, as I don't want him pooping on our carpet (obviously). Any help would be appreciated :)

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Potty training trick
by: Dustin

This might sound strange, but it works. The next time you get him to go poop outside, promptly reward him with a treat, later take a can of spray paint, and paint a circle around the location (only if its in a desirable location for future poopings). Later take him outside and reward him once he smells, and notices his droppings with food, or play. The hope is that he will associate using that location for going to the bathroom with something positive i.e. a reward. Our Aussie now uses that one spot to go to the the bathroom. we found that the visual reference helped reinforce the idea that this location is the place where i go to the bathroom and get a treat. Good luck.

try a private area
by: Tracy

My aussie (pictured on the owners manual on this page) did not like going outside where everyone could see him. He liked going around bushes, in or near the woods. Not sure if this will help. To this day he would still rather go in the woods rather than in the yard.

Walk, walk, walk...
by: Amelia

I suggest you take him for a walk or for playing outside after he eats. Food will move inside of him and he may need to go. Walking is always helpful. When he goes, reward him with lots of praise and treats. He needs to link pooping outside with a reward. Aussies are very smart and get it quickly. Regarding the chewing, give him lots of toys to chew on. Bully sticks are also good for puppies. For about 10, 15 min at a time, it will help his chewing needs without loading him with too much protein. I always gave my Aussie lots of toys and bones to chew and she never touched anything else. Good luck!

pooping outside
by: rochelle

our girl loves to chew. we thought it would subside after teething but it never did. i highly recommend elk and moose antlers- very durable and long lasting. check out michigan antler art for the best deals. as for potty training, i echo other posts. once he connects pooping outside with a high value reward (boiled chicken, deli meat, hot dog) he will go outside. take him out after waking up, playing, eating, or excitement. until he is housebroken, this might mean every hour or so until he understands. in the meantime, invest in some nature's miracle cleaner. it will dissolve the scent so he is less likely to go to where he already marked indoors.

Pooping Outside
by: Michelle

Love the "paint a circle poop here". Mine also goes in the bushes. I hope I explain this correctly. Find a word for poop. When going outside use that word. Don't talk again. Wonder with the dog off leash, for as long as it takes. When the act is done, that's when I speak. With praise and a snack. It took about 4 times, before my Steve finally figured out that poop was outside. We also use a bell on the door knob. Every time I went outside, or took the dog outside, I would ring the bell.....now my Aussie rings when he wants outside....works good when I'm not home for others to let him out. No more, I didn't know he needed out! lol

Same Place, Same Time
by: Cal Orey

After eating, playing, any activity, eating--go to potty...Go poo! Same place. Aussies r so easy to train! My boy (yours is ausome!)got the hang of it so quickly. U two can do this!

pooping outside
by: janet lewkowicz

My 9 week old came already trained by Wild Oak's Ranch. If there is an accident. Spray "pile" with ammonia. place paper towel over it. Get your gloves out and remove. Pup will soon "get the idea".
Gently invite outside. Do not raise your voice or scold. That is just negative. You want to always be positive. Good Luck. Try it, you'll see. These are EXTREMELY smart dogs.

Alot of poop!
by: Tim Morris

You can take at least half the times mine is pooping! Cause I feed him at regular times thinking if he eats drinks and sleeps on a schedule the poop should be the same. Wrong any time and 7 to 8 good piles.

Alot of poop!
by: Tim Morris

What about mopping my hardwood floors with ammonia?

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