Pooping Walk

by Wilda

Does anyone else have a dog that walks while he's pooping? I have 3 dogs, this is my 4th, and this is the 1st time I see this. My Toy Aussie actually walks while he's still pooping, leaving a trail as he goes, its the funniest thing to watch. But makes it difficult to know if and when he's actually going... lol. Was just curious.

Does anyone have any crating tips. My boy hates it big time. We only crate him when we have to go out, but he goes nuts. I give him toys, treats, etc., he even pees in it. I would love to leave him out all the time, but I'm afraid he will chew all the rugs (which he has done) and or the furniture, etc. not to mention get hurt. Any tips would be welcomed. This little guy is so different from all my others. Cute, funny, and full of personality.

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Poop Walking!
by: Anonymous

YES!!!! I have 2 blue merle female Aussie litermates and THEY BOTH WALK WHILE POOPING! I've had Aussies/crosses for more than 40 years and have never, ever seen them or any other breed do this. When they were babies we named them "the traveling poopers". If you ever get an answer... please... email me and let me know.

halfhaas@sti.net My name is Marie Vallejo.

My daughter has had many dogs, Aussies and other breeds, for many years too and has never heard of it. I guess there's a couple of ways to look at it....they are either really 'unique' or very 'stange'! ha. Either way, my two girls are like all Aussies I've ever had, so very smart and loveable!!! I'm looking at turning 70 years old in a few months and they sure keep me going. My husband has Parkinson's, fights depression, etc and they have been a great help. Everyday is a new day to be so excited to see him when he gets up in the morning. We love them so very much, even if they are "Traveling Poopers".

haha awesome
by: wilda

yes, I think they are Uniquely...strange, in the best way possible. they do keep us laughing and jumping, don't they?! my husband just said to me yesterday, that if he had been familiar with this breed earlier, he would not have gotten the other breeds. that says alot. He sees now, why I love this breed; although recently, our little guy has starting herding us when we walk with him. haha.

by: bisawicki

I have a 4 year old male Aussie that walks when he poops, and it's not just every now and then, it's every time. I agree it is funny to see, but when you are walking and he does it, not so much fun. I still laugh though cause it seems like every time we go for a walk he has to do it, sometimes we don't even make it a block from our house. I have a female Aussie too, but she doesn't do this. She has her own thing, she likes to mark when she walks and then scratches with all four paws and starts howling, it's quite funny, it sounds like she is singing. We have a lot of good laughs on our walks, they are the best dogs in the world!

Oh yes!
by: Twinklee

I have a blue merle mini Aussie and she most definitely travel poops. When picking up the poop we have to look for at least three terds, hehe. Her litter mate is the same way (my Mom's dog).

Though, they aren't walking, exactly. More like a squat and then squat walking. Oh yes, it is very funny to behold. She needs a good four linear feet to poop!

My standard Aussie/Heeler mix does it in one spot, but she poops every stinking time she goes out, even if it's just a little, haha. And yes, I have piles of the stuff everyday. No rest for the wicked, LOL!

Dog poops while walking
by: Anonymous

This is not restricted to your breed(Australian Sheperd) as our Golden Retriever who turned 12 last November started doing this about 8 months ago.

Kind of strange...

Always ensure that I am walking behind him so I can pick up.

by: wilda

you guys ae too funny... yes, he does more squat and poop.
interesting to hear that many others also do the same, we thought our little guy was odd.
Do your dogs also pee like at least 10x? Whenever I take my liitle guy out, he pees, takes a few steps, snifs and pees again; this goes on indefinetly. I'm not excegerating, when I say he pees at least 10x
thanks guys for helping us laugh more.

south carolina retriever
by: benjamin

me and a friend have recently house sat for a buddy of ours. all the while watching their pets. we stepped out to have a smoke and let the dogs out to do their business. they have a dauchsan and a golden retriever. we notice the the retiever in the position and sort of crawling. it was tripping us out. it was then we relized what the dog was doing. it looked as if it was trying to sneak up on something. it was a hilarious thing to see. I am glad to see that little girl isn't the only dog to to do this.

by: Nancy

I have had 3 aussies over the years (2 standard and now a mini) and every single one of them has poop walked. It makes it easy to know if a mess is left in the house if it was my pug or my aussie.

by: Beren W.

I thought I might be the only one whose dog did this! My Aussie is 2 years old and he has pretty much exhibited this behavior since day one. My wife and I joke that his back legs are too skinny to support him because they wobble while he goes potty.

Poop Walking
by: Lowman949

I have a Yellow Lab who has been poop walking since I got her. She's 5 years old now and I've had her since she was 8 weeks. Although this is uncommon from reading all the comments I guess this isn't completely unheard of. Does anyone actually know the reason behind why some dogs do this?

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