Possessiveness Or Aggression

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I just got a 5 month old Mini Aussie, which I’ve had for about a week. He is a very smart and loving dog. He was attached to me within hours of bringing him home. He has learned several things in a week and I couldn’t be more happy with him!

This past weekend my boyfriend and I took our little guy to a cabin with 5 adults, 2 kids and 4 other dogs. Our little puppy seemed fine with all the people and dogs at first but something snapped in him and he began attacking the other dogs. He was most aggressive with the 6 year old female Pitbull that belongs to one of our friends.

At first I thought that the dogs were just trying to establish who the leader of the pack was going to be. As the weekend went on my little guy repeatedly attacked the Pitbull, which luckily had a good personality and didn’t hurt him. We noticed that my dog would only attack the other dogs when I was around. When I wasn’t around he was obsessed with finding me and could care less about the other dogs and people!

Most websites that I’ve read about Aussie Shepherds say that they are not dog aggressive! Does anyone have any suggestions on how I should deal with this situation or why my little guy is so aggressive towards other dogs when I’m around? I love my little guy and I want to be able to take him to play with my friend’s dogs and be off a leash at the beaches and parks.

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by: Janelle

Sounds to me like your pup is trying to herd other dogs. This is normal. Your Aussie is a natural herder and you may notice him trying to nip at your ankles or your human friends ankles. Be sure to tell him NO in a stern deep voice. Give him lots of toys because of his teething as well. Even though he is young, take him on bike jogs. You would be surprised as you sprint on your bike, he will be right by your side. Aussie's are fast and don't tire easily. Good luck to you. Oh by the way, obedience training is a necessity for this breed. (especially if he is growling as a young pup) :)

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