Potty Training A 9 Month Old Mini Aussie

by Josh

We just rescued a Mini Aussie and she is a sweetheart. We are having trouble trying to get her potty trained. Her previous owners had her using pads but never had her go outside. We will catch her in the act and stop her, then take her out. She refuses to go once I take her out. she will wait until we come back in an find a spot inside. Has anyone gone through this with their Aussie and how do you fix this?

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potty training
by: Anonymous

If you are still using pads you could take one to the spot in the garden that you want her to use. If she uses the pad outside you can gradually make the pad smaller until she is happy to go without it.

You are going to have to be very patient. Take her outside (on a lead if necessary) whenever she wakes up, after meals etc and just wait until she does something. You are looking for that first time so you can reward her with a really yummy treat for going outside. She will then start to understand what is expected of her! Try to go to the same spot in the garden each time too. Never get angry with her.

Make sure you deodorise any areas in the house that she has soiled with a non-ammonia based cleaner or she will always want to go there.

Potty training trouble
by: Anonymous

We are having the same problem. We take her outside first thing in the morning and she goes. Within 15 minutes though she has peed on the floor. We can take her outside and wait for 30 minutes and she will not go but as soon as she comes back in...


by: Anonymous

our pup is doing the same thing we have only had him for a week but he is messing in the house.
I am not good at potty training and need help. :(

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