Potty Training An Aussie Who Was Kept In A Kennel

We brought home our beautiful Aussie a month ago. She is 6 months and the breeder had kept her in the kennel all of the time. We have been trying to crate her but not working so well. I think she is associating the crate with the kennel she was kept in. She will go potty when we take her out, but not always poop. We are very consistent about putting food and water up after a certain time and have been sticking to a strict schedule so as not to confuse her. We also have a poodle that she has been able to see someone else use the potty the right way. She will still go potty in her crate and poop. I do know that she can hold it because she has done it a couple of times. I know this is a work in progress, just wanted to see if anyone had other suggestions.

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Potty Training an Aussie Who Was Kept in a Kennel
by: Anonymous

I hope you will get some advice from the folks with LOTS of experience. While I am not an expert on the topic, I do know that the crate must be small enough in the beginning so that the dog does not have room to have both a potty area and a lying down area. It may sound cruel to limit the space, but it might be much better for the dog in the long run. If you could put something in the crate that blocks off part of the space, perhaps that will work. I would say that perhaps you need to treat this dog sort of like a young puppy just beginning potty training... take the dog out VERY often, always to the same spot, use a command word (I use "hurry up"), reward when successful (praise or treat or play).

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