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Potty Training Australian Shepherd

by Ki Yoo
(Pasadena, CA)

I have 10 weeks old Australian Shepherd puppy and she is peeing all over my house! We are doing crate training and it worked for couple of days but now she is all over the place. Is there way to fix this?

Thank you

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Potty Training
by: Anonymous

we have a 4.5 month old Aussie that refuses to cooperate with potty training. We take her out every 30 minutes and she will potty then come back in the house and pee again. Had her cleared by the vet for medical's behavioral. Be sure to rule out medical issues first.

Today we purchased doggy diapers and are putting them in her in between potty trips outside. The vet also recommended rolling up a newspaper and every time she potties inside smack the paper on our hands to make a loud noise then a firm "no", and take her outside to finish.

We feel your pain.

Sudden training
by: Neil Coy

I have a male Aussie that is now 7 years old. His first two months with us were much as you have described. When we were about to give up hope, he went to the door whined to be let out and has never had an 'accident' since. It was like a light bulb went off in his head and he suddenly realized that this was the proper behavior. In house training some Aussies, patience is truly a virtue. Good luck they are worth the time and trouble.

Potty Training
by: Anonymous

She's only 10 weeks old! It takes time! Take her out frequently and every time she does go, reward her and say something like, "good pee outside!" The best thing is to catch her in the act and quickly grab her, take her out, and say, "pee outside". DO NOT tell her she's bad/discipline her harshly for going. She'll think she's not supposed to go anywhere/any time. She'll get there. But your bed or couch may suffer a few accidents on the way. Oh well.

cleaning solution?
by: Marla

I know it's frustrating but I wouldn't be worried that she hasn't gotten it yet - 10 weeks old is still pretty young. She'll get it.

What are you using to clean the spots? If you're using anything that has ammonia in it you might be attracting Yomi right back to "go" there more. Try an enzymatic cleaner. There are lots on the market but the two that I've used are NokOut and Odormute. I can't vouch for any of the ones you can buy in pet stores (maybe someone else here can). NokOut is easier to use because the Odormute comes in powder form that you mix with water to activate (then the solutions needs to be used within 24 hours - but you can mix up a small amount). I like both.

She'll get it. Just keep taking her out often, praise her when she "goes" outside and tell her "no", pick her up and take her outside when she starts to "go" in the house.

Potty training tips
by: Emily

Whatever you do, don't rub her nose in her accidents. That will teach her early to eat poop, and roll in it....biggest mistake I've made. If she defecates or urinates in the house, say a loud and firm NO, then take her outside IMMEDIATELY afterwards. It seems gross, but if she poops or pee's in the house, take some of it, and put it outside in the desired potty spot. She will smell it, and after a little bit, she will know where her business belongs. Reward her with a treat or some luv if she goes potty outside! :) But be patient, it can take time, but its totally worth it.

House breaking
by: Anonymous

I take the pup outside as much as possible. No accidents. After a nap - out. After playing - out. First couple days it was every hour. Even in the rain. Sure accidents in the crate will happen after a few hours. Keep them outside as much as possible.

by: Ann

10 weeks is very young. They are babies. While it is tiring you must take them out every hour, after meals, after play. During the night I got up and took her out every 2 hrs added an hour every week. Crate training and keeping her with you or in sight anytime they are out of crate. YOU control the environment. We also got a wind chime hung it on a base and taught ours to ring the bell goes outside and potty. Only took a few times for her to get it. However they do not have full control until 6-8 months. Ours did not have full run of the house until she was a year old. My husband was retired so that helped. She was never out of sight when out of her crate. She will be 2 next month and has never chewed anything in the house. She has "her" toys and knows what's ours. They are extremely intelligent and strong willed. Expect some accidents but have patients. They get it.

Thank you
by: Ki

Thank you so much for all your help and comments. It really helped alot.
My puppy is still learning but getting better. Now she can hold it for 3 hours or so..... without peeing.
When she gets excited or scared, she pees little bit. I guess that's normal for a puppy. Other then that she is doing great!

Thanks again for all your help!

Best wishes

I potty trained my aussie.
by: Anonymous

My aussie is now almost 2 years old and has puppies. How I trained her was different than most ways. During the day I noticed that she needed to go pee 2-3 maybe even 4 times in the morning and she normally pooped once. Times when the bathroom is critical to dogs are right after they eat, wake up, wrestle/play/run and right before they go to sleep. What was my biggest problem during that period was nights. How I solved it was this. I tied my puppy next to my bed and I wrote on a piece of paper next to my bed;

If Tribble barks WAKE UP!

Believe it or not it worked! I woke up and took her out to go potty. I did have a few accidents but don't we all? She normally needed to poop at least once during the night and she needed to pee about 6 times! About every 2-2 1/2 hours! As she got older she could hold it longer and now (If she didn't have to tend to 8 puppies) she needs to go at about 6 a.m. and she doesn't need to be tied to my bed. I also trained her to go on command. Every time she was looking for the perfect place take a pee. I told her the designated command and when she was done I rewarded her.
During the day, I would try to watch your dog and when she seems to hang out by the door, or sniff the floor where there shouldn't be food, or walk kind of stiff-legged take her outside and give her the command you have chosen.
I hope this helps!

Potty training tips
by: Anonymous

My puppy never got the run of the house until he was 100% potty trained as well as trained to not chew things that were not his. Every hour I would take him outside on a leash. Once he went I would praise him and then let him off leash in my fenced yard a bit or I would let him play in a puppy proof room that I could watch him in. He had free play for about a half hour and then he was either put in his crate or tide next to me on a short leash for another half hour or for as long as I thought he could hold it. If I couldn't watch him he went in his crate. If I brought him out and he didn't go I brought him back inside and either crated him or tethered him next to me and tried again in a half hour.
He was potty trained and chew toy trained quickly.

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