Guide To Australian Shepherd Training & Care
Guide To Australian Shepherd Training and Care

Potty Training Gone South

by Sarah
(Arkansas, USA)

We have a 3 year old (she) Aussie, tri, who has impeccable potty manners but was so lonesome she would cry at tv animals, so... We got a (male) merle at 9 weeks and they are best buddies and training has been difficult for the male.

Both are now neutered.

While I had chemo out of state, both were boarded at the vets.

Now I have two dogs with no potty manners, they go when they please wherever they are.

Puppy, now 6 months, is crated at night and the tri sleeps with me and wakes me in the morning.

They are banned to the kitchen because of carpeting. Am tiring of mopping, have tried every product out there, take them out every two hours or so but in between that, it's like they have gone senile.

Any suggestions??

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Guide To Australian Shepherd Training & Care