Pregnant Aussie - Too Old?

by Kelly

My 8 year old Aussie might be pregnant, I am worried she is too old though. Any thoughts? Suggestions?

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Pregnant Aussie too old
by: Anne

Your Aussie is not too old. Obviously from the way you say it, You did not plan this litter.
Has she had a litter before? This could make a difference on how hard it is on her.
Why is she not spayed? If you need more feedback, please feel free to e-mail me.

Anne Calmes
Gold Ring Aussies
Louisiana, USA

by: Kelly C

Thank you for your response. No, we did not plan this litter. We have been a single dog family for many years and recently my brother got a male and female German Shepherd. The male has never shown interest in our Aussie until recently. She has never had a litter before so that is why we were concerned. We are still not sure she is pregnant yet but we have an appointment with our vet this week to find out.

Thank you for your feedback.

by: soren

yes, she is too old, it will be very very hard on her. it would be like a 65 year old person having kids. i suggest taking her to the vet for the delivery. if she has not had puppies before, the problem could be major.

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