Previously Bred Female

What are the risks of adopting a 9 year old Aussie previously used in a breeding program?

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Breeding female
by: Kathy


We adopted a female Aussie rescued from a puppy mill - she was about three years old and had spent her adult life pregnant and confined to a cage. Even though she was young, her back was swayed from carrying so many litters, she had scars on her muzzle from 'bitch fights' and she was very fearful.

Our beautiful girl is now twelve and doing very well. She still has a few 'illogical fears', like being afraid of walking across a variety of surfaces, and she has some aggression issues towards strange dogs. But generally she is very loving, healthy and happy. She lives peacefully with 2 chihuahuas, and is the best 'mother' to them.

Her only health issue is incontinence, which is controlled by hormones - she started this at the age of eight. I believe this is very common in spayed females, not specific to her role as a breeder.

Not sure what you mean exactly by 'breeding program' - our female was spayed before we adopted her so our experiences are with a spayed dog.

Good luck,


Breeding program
by: Anonymous

She is currently with a registered and very reputable breeder whose only focus is Australian Shepherds. She is looking to "retire" this girl from her "breeding program" and would like to find he a companion animal home to live out the rest of her life.

Breeding female
by: Kathy

Well it sounds like she has had a good life, so she shouldn't be much different from any other Aussie!

It should be a good venture for you both.

Best wishes,


by: gayle--big run aussies

Paws up to you for offering to share your life with an older dog! I am certain that both of you will benefit.

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