Proper Puppy Play

by Megz

I have a young Aussie pup named Tootsie, she's very sweet and playful but has to constantly be chewing on something. I've read all over that this is normal for puppies but it's almost like her biting is getting harder. When we play she's more interested in chewing on me than her toys it seems. I've also read places that playing tug of war or wrestle or rough play can lead to aggression, is this true? and if so what's a more appropriate play? We try to get her to fetch but her attention is more on our hands or arms than the toy so she won't always go after the toy.

We've tried some affirmative "No's" and ignoring... so far to no prevail, its like she gets more persistent when we try.

Some tips and tricks would be very helpful. I love her so much and I just want her to grow up well behaved and happy.

~ Megz

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Proper Puppy Play
by: Anne Calmes


Don't let the puppy bite you at all. Do you give the puppy other things to chew on when
the puppy goes for your arm? Stick a toy or chew bone in their mouth when they go for your arm. The puppy is teething... give it a regular flavored popsicle. It numbs their gums? just like teething human babies.

Take a basic dog obedience class. Watch Cesar Milan "the Dog Whisperer". I teach obedience classes and Cesar still teaches me things every time I watch his show.

Do you have a crate?

If you need more information or have more questions please contact me.

Anne C.
Hammond, La
(985) 542-4993

Proper Puppy Play
by: Anonymous

Playing tug with dogs can lead to agression but doesn't have to if you follow a few 'rules'! Always start and end the game on your terms. You decide when to play and when to finish and you always win!

Biting is something to discourage from the beginning - try a high pitched loud squeal and definitely stop playing/walk away. Try and find more interesting toys - if your puppy is very food driven you could try a puppy Kong with some tasty treat inside (something soft like a little peanut butter or soft cheese smeared inside should keep puppy busy for a while).

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