Puppy Energy Levels - Are They Truly Indefatigable?

by Rob
(Melbourne, Australia)

Zola is our just over 10 week old bob tailed black tri and we are in our 3rd week with her in our home. The question I have is, just how much energy do these puppies have?! We were told and read that this breed was high energy, but that doesn't do her justice.

In the first week she slept a lot. In the second week she was what I'd call active but would settle of a night time. In the third week though, she just doesn't seem to get tired. We walk her twice a day, play with her before and after but she's always up for more. She will now play fetch at a super high intensity and when we're done, she's not. She'll bark and attempt to herd us (a new behaviour). The other day, she spent a half hour AFTER her evening walk and play, solidly rounding up an empty plastic flower pot in the back yard, with full voice barking and high burst intensity running.

She hasn't had her 12 week shots yet so we haven't let her really get loose on a long lead during walks - she's on a tight leash for now. Hopefully with her shots and switching to a long lead at a local park, she can get some real exercise in.

We're lined up to do some herding training soon - I'm looking forward to that. If she's not tuckered out after that, then I'm at a loss!

Can I expect her energy levels to keep increasing? And for how much longer?

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it's all about the calm mind, not tired body
by: Anonymous

I lived with a HIGHLY active aussie in a 1 bedroom condo for 10 years... the first few years were H-E-L-L.. out at 4am before work throwing the ball for over an hour, home at lunch for 30 min throwing the ball, after work at least 2 hours throwing the ball. Until Ceasar Millan came along and we started walking, not free walking on a long leash, but a controlled walk like he teaches. A 20 minute controlled walk would have her calmly sitting at my feet until bedtime. Something he said on one of the shows made it click for me. Take a kid to Chucky Cheese. When you leave, you don't have a tired kid, you have a wild crazy kid. 30 minutes at a structured say, piano lesson, not so crazy kid. They learn to be calm.
This doesn't mean that I never played ball with her any more, but I would play ball for a while, then take her for a calm walk before we went inside to calm her MIND down. Worked like a charm.

by: jcrply

Your puppy sounds wonderful!! Enjoy these puppy years!

Don't hold your breath
by: Neil Coy

My Aussie 'Jasper' will soon be five and is still full of energy. After I had him for four weeks, I call the breeder and pleaded "Please tell me there is an OFF switch on this puppy"

High energy dogs
by: Colin

LOL The answer to your question is YES! LOL Every Aussie is different. My daughter has one that so much energy you'd swear he had ADHD. I have 2 of the most laziest Aussies on the face of the earth.

Enjoy your little one.... get some rest!! :)

by: Brad Smith

Congratulations you own a Aussie.

My Two Crazy Aussies
by: Anonymous

My husband and I have two Aussies. When I'm home alone they sleep but once my husband gets home they are crazy and never settle down. The only thing I can think is..I don't allow them to bully me into giving them attention. I also do agility with my dogs..very good for building teamwork.

by: Gayle Big Run Aussie

Trick training is the best thing to tire out a puppy. Thinking and mental stimulation are just as important as physical play. Kyra Sundance has a wonderful book on trick training puppies. You would be surprised at what a young pup can learn. Now is also a great time to sign up for puppy class. A good one will be positive reinforcement with an introduction to agility. Yes. My dogs have been exposed to agility from the time they were mere infants. I have tiny equipment for pups and they are exposed to a tippy board and tunnel from the time they can walk. Practice puppy push-ups: sit, down, sit, stand in rapid succession. No jumping or weave poles at this stage, though. Practice heeling off leash with a treat in your hand. Heel a few steps and give pup the treat from your hand. I have had Aussies not tire out at all for their entire 14 years of life. It's not a bad thing. Believe me.

She turned 1yo - still energetic.
by: Rob

Well Zola has now been in our house for 10months and just turned a year old. Little did I know what an amazing dog Aussie's are. Crazy levels of pack loyalty and what looks like devotion. It's been quite a journey for this first time dog owner!

The energy levels are still high, but the brain training has been an important key to keeping her in check - and consistency. Absolute consistency. These dogs find a crack and exploit it.

In our daily routine, we are still biased towards physical activity though which is something my partner and I have to change, but trying to get her to think has been the key to managing her, as has been very strongly reinforcing who is the boss and hi intensity exercise.

In the leader department we go through doors first, she only gets on the couch when we say, she never gets a toy thrown when she demands it, we eat before she does etc. It keeps her boundary testing tendencies in check - we haven't had to use time out in ages.

The other thing that has worked a treat is my 1/10th scale hi speed remote controlled SUV. lol I run it at the park and she goes nuts trying to round it up. She keeps trying to out fox it but somehow the truck keeps avoiding her shepherding moves. The frisbee has also been excellent. Changing up between ball fetch, ball catch and frisbee keeps her mind ticking over especially when the frisbee floats and she has to judge its flight.

Anyway, the journey continues. Thanks for your tips.

Exercise needs
by: Tracey

Just remember that as much as you want to tire out your pup, too much exercise is bad for the joints in a growing pup. The rule of thumb is 5 minutes per month of their age of hard exercise.

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