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Puppy Feeding

How much should I be feeding my Mini Aussie puppy? He's 13 lbs and 4 months old.

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Feeding a puppy
by: Anne Calmes

Well, I hope you are not free feeding your puppy, but feed the puppy 3 times a day. Feed a
quality, nutritional puppy food and a half a cup each time for a 4 mth old is a good amount. Adjust the amount to how you see the puppy growing. If it looks skinny...feed a little more...if it looks a little plump feed a little less. Every puppy has different needs.
Good Luck
Anne C.
Gold Ring Aussies

by: Shirley Bullock

Ms Ann I hope you get this. I just wwanted to let you know we bought an aussie last year. Hes one year old and we love him so much. I loved your article on here and really appreciate the info. Our little guy would not eat any kind of dog food. Keep changing it but no go. Now he does a dance when I get it ready. This was so neat. Thank you so much. We down loaded the 11 list.
A new Aussie owner they are a great dog
Shirley Bullock

Feeding amount
by: Anonymous

How much dry dog food and how many times a day should I feed my 11 week old mini Aussie Shearpard ? Thank you.

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