Puppy Food?

by Amanda M
(New York)

Playing at the park

Playing at the park

My fiance and I have a 20 wk old Aussie. This being his 4th Aussie, I've let him take the reigns on the particulars of the little guys rearing so far. However, he swears basic puppy chow is fine and I highly disagree. Since I pay for the food I've decided I want to start switching him over to something better for him. He's doing great so far, but I just want to be sure I give him the best of everything I can.

What do you feed your Aussie (that won't break the bank)? I would make him home made food myself if I thought I could include everything sufficiently for a balanced diet but figure I'll defer to a trusted company. Any advice would be extremely welcomed!! Thanks

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by: Anonymous

wow, there are so many good, natural, ones out there now.
is he allegic to grains?
we feed ours Pinnacle,but my vet(holistic) says that California Natural, Inova are equally as good. I came across one called Taste of the Wild, which I believe is very good, and the least expensive. Not sure if they sell it where you live(I'm in Florida)or maybe the brand Blue(a friend of mine gives her dog that one, and my vet said that was also very good).
just go to a holistic dog food site, research the ingredients, and buy small bags first, to make sure he like it, then go from there. I peridocally, give my dogs different flavors, of the same brand, but not too often.
well, have fun, and enjoy your pup.
p.s. to be honest, I'm very surprised your boyfrind says he gave his dog just basic stuff. by the way, you said he's own 4 Aussie before, what happened to them? hmm

dog food reviews
by: jcrply

Here is a website that is a collection of links to unbiased dog food reviews: http://www.consumersearch.com/dog-food/reviews

I found the first one to be very helpful:

I have read in several places that the best lower-priced dog food comes from a company called

I feed my Aussie pup ORIJEN dry and NEWMAN'S OWN GRAIN-FREE canned. Switched her to adult foods at 5 months per breeder recommendation.

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