Puppy Food

by Mike

I will be getting my first Aussie next month and I was curious to know what will be a good puppy food for him?

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Puppy Food

There are lots of great dog foods on the market. You can go online and research and compare various ones.

We feed our Aussies Blue Buffalo, have since they were pups. Their coats are thick and shiny, their eyes are bright, they have energy, they are healthy... and they love it.

Puppy Food
by: Anne

A food where the 1st ingredient is a meat. The label will say Chicken, Beef, Lamb, Turkey, etc.
Don't buy it if it says Beef By Product or Corn Meal, for example.
There is a nutrition section on this website.

Anne Calmes
Gold Ring Aussies
Louisiana, USA

Re: Puppy food
by: Kym

We all have different opinions about dog food in general. Whether it be about all natural, no corn, price, etc. everyone will give you a different answer.
I personally have only fed my puppies/dogs with Purina Pro-Plan chicken and rice and puppy of course. My bitches and puppies have always been in great health and lived long healthy lives.
Only you can be the judge of the best food for your pup. Try to pick something that you feel confident with. EVERYONE and EVERY website will have an opinion. Some say "dont feed this or dont feed that" the only thing I will tell you NOT to feed is Ol Roy (cardboard) Just because a food is expensive doesn't mean it's the best, and visa-versa. Even some of the expensive foods (I won't give names because it doesn't matter) can be harmful to some pets. I personally switched to a 'high quality, expensive food' and my dog ended up with crystals in her urine (proved by vet,btw) Make the best choice you can. Pay attention to the results. Healthy coat? dry skin? diarhea? gassy? good weight? etc. This is your BEST determining factor. You dont need to get into the hype of all organic, no grains, or raw diets etc... I know I didnt give you a straight answer, but I hope this was helpful! Good luck with your new pup!!!

puppy food
by: Gayle-- Big Run Aussies

There are so many good foods out there right now. I would definitely feed him a super premium food-- Blue Buffalo is the one that I see advertised a lot. My dogs all eat Solid Gold foods. My girls all eat Millennia, a beef based food mostly for herding dogs. Wysong, Evangers, Wellness all have superb foods. Just check to find the availability in your area. And, yes, it does matter that you feed a super premium. The dogs digest the food better, leaving little waste and my girls often get praised for their gorgeous coats. My extremely active girls eat only 2 cups of food a day as opposed to over twice that with a grocery store brand.

Puppy Food
by: Anonymous

I tried Exclusive Brand, Iams Brand, and Diamond. All are good. Do not use dog food with filler (wheat/soy). First ingred. should be chicken, beef, or lamb.

Puppy Food
by: Anonymous

You can review the various brands of puppy and dog food online. GOOGLE "The Dog Food Project" and even better "Consumer Search Dog Food Reviews".
The websites are http://www.dogfoodproject.com/index.php?page=main
and http://www.consumersearch.com/dog-food/reviews
Personally, as a young pup I fed my Aussie a combination of Newman's Own canned grain-free Organic beef plus Orijen dry puppy food (Orijen foods are also grain-free). At 6 months I gradually switched the dry food to Orijen adult. I continued the canned beef which is suitable for all ages. The digestive system of a dog is not ideally suited for the digestion of grains. The Orijen is primarily meat with small amounts of fruits and veggies. Both of the brands have appropriate supplements to make a completely balanced diet. I order these from petfooddirect. Amazon also has them, as do other online stores. Home-made meals are also great, but you must be careful to provide a balanced diet. There are many sources, including this Aussie website, that can give you pointers on a homemade diet. It is good that you are aware of the importance of choosing the right food for your pup!

Thanks Guys
by: Mike

Thanks Guys for the advice, I really appreciate it. I will without a doubt have to do a little bit more research on the food subject. I just want to make sure my little guy is getting all the proper nutrition that he needs.

by: Krysti

Everyone has there own idea what is a 'good dog food' I work at a pet store so I see and hear a lot of different idea's. I have my aussie on Earthborn grain free. It is one of the more expensive brands but she Loves it! It's the only one she will eat without any "fights" she's a very picky eater. From experience ones that are grain free are more healthy, because grain is just a filler. Never buy anything that says by-product, that's all the crap they wont even put in human food. If it says 'chicken meal' that's really good for them, it's meat that has been dehydrated before being cooked so it still has all it's nutrients :)

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