Puppy Grabbing Pants Hem

My 12 week old Aussie is wearing me out! She grabs the hem of my clothing constantly and pulls. She does NOT do this to my husband (he says he just continues walking and she lets go). Or she jumps at me when I turn away from her, and has torn small holes in my jeans! I play ball and tug games with her more than my husband does. He takes her on walks in the woods without a leash and says she does fine.

I thought it was an 'alpha female' thing at first, so I use the 'stare and bark back' technique. She may release for a second, but she's right back at me.

I am stressed out! We had an Aussie/Jack Russell mix for 9 years that we 'rescued' at 10 months; she didn't display this same behavior (but she was velcro to me when I came home after work.

We will begin training after the holidays; meanwhile, I need some advice.

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by: Nonnie

Start training now. Teach her "leave it". Firmly, but gently, tell her "leave it" and gently push her away. As she lets go and you push her down, say "good girl". if you agree with treating, give her small treat or piece of her dog food now. You will need to keep them in your pocket or very close by. You must praise and treat within 10-15 seconds or she won't relate the two.

You will have to do this over and over. Decide how many times is acceptable until you take additional action. If she continues, she may need to be in her kennel for a short time - 5 minutes or so. "Leave it" is one of our most important commands.

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by: Anonymous

Hi! We had that problem with our Australian Shep puppy too, when my 8-yr-old daughter went out to play with her, she would get all hyped up and grab onto the hems of her pants and shirts leaving large holes. Our daughter got really upset and would stop playing with our otherwise shy and calm puppy, and other than that we ignored it. Here's what you should do: don't play tug or fetch UNTIL you have taught your puppy commands such as "calm down" "leave it" "bedtime" "all done" etc. Puppies (like children) sometimes don't know when to stop, so you have to teach them. Good luck!
PS: Aussies are THE best dogs ever, so don't give up!
PPS: Try clicker training AND treats. We loved it, it's easy and it works!
PPPS: You can also try switching roles with your husband and seeing what happens... :)

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