Puppy In Heat

Our little girl Aussie went into heat this morning. My husband was outside for about an hour and came back in to a mess of blood and that she has pooped! How long should we expect the blood part of heat to last and what things should we do.

I plan to get her fixed after this is over.

I know to keep her away from any boy dogs!

But what else?


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by: jcrply

You can buy dog panties at amazon.com or at your local pet supply store. They come in plain or frilly, fancy designs. Use the panty if the flow is heavy. Buy some very small human-type panty liners or very small, thin pads. Some girls just spot a little and don't really need the panty, and others have a more obvious flow. This lasts for about 4 to 14 days. Then she goes into actual estrus for about 4 to 7 days; the discharge decreases in amount and changes to straw-colored, but this is when she will be receptive to a male dog and can conceive.

How old?
by: Lisa

How old was your pup the day she went into heat? My girl's 6 months old and getting spayed soon, but I noticed lately that when an un-neutered dog comes in the gate at the doggy park, it makes a b'line for her. I immediately get her out of there. I read that some dogs show no signs or blood w/their 1st heat...YIKES!

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