Puppy Needs To Lose Weight

My 7 month old Aussie now weighs 57 pounds and is 20 inches tall. We go to the dog park every other day and he has daily walks, plus play time (catching the ball, swimming pool, etc) every day. He is eating less, about 2 1/2 cups Wellness Puppy per day. He has 2 meals and the 2 1/2 cups is total for the day. He is physically fine-from vet-just overweight. What more should I do?

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by: Nonnie

I understand your frustration and hope others here will have an answer.

We have a toy Aussie who is 13" at the shoulder and 21 lbs. We feed our dogs Blue Buffalo. Maggie only gets a total of 1 cup a day divided between two meals. We try to add canned Pumpkin or green beans or popcorn or raw carrots to help her feel full without adding fat.

She is not interested in exercise. She and our mini Aussie play in the yard quite exuberantly. We live in Houston so a walk right now is not feasible. She is not interested in chasing a ball or frisbee unlike her half sister who would play all day if we let her. This is why we cut her food to her meals.

She always acts like this is hungry. If we are training, she is eager for the treat. We use kibble for the treats. Other than that. they just get rawhide bones. Maggie also will tear up any toys that s he can. Those that say they are rated highest and "Tough" ... she can have torn apart in a day or less, usually less.

Puppy Needs T Lose Weight
by: Marilyn

My first suggestion is to switch to Adult Wellness Core, at 7 months he really doesn't need it anymore. We fed the one in the brown & copper colored bag, excellent, good quality food. Puppy food is very concentrated and high protein, also, 2 1/2 cups is a little on the high end. We have been told that the food charts on generally given on the high side regarding amounts, so don't be afraid to feed a little less than what they suggest, and base it on his ideal weight, not present weight. Alot of Aussie's, mine included, are very food motivated, so don't let him convince you he's starving, add a few veggies with his supper for bulk. For treats, try fresh veggie's such as a carrot stick rather than a cookie, or a chunk of apple maybe. Just remember, it takes a short time for them to gain a few pounds but a long time to lose it. Good luck!

don't worry
by: Anonymous

Honestly, he doesn't look overweight in the picture. I wouldn't worry about it too much, he's probably reaching his peak.
I don't know if you are giving him too many treat, perhaps, if so, just cut back on that.
He may also be of the stockier body type(which I happen to prefer, myself). as long as he's not having any problems getting around, or breathing(you know, health issues) I wouldn't worry.

keep Us posted. Enjoy your boy, and have fun.

Ideal weight
by: Anonymous

Every dog is different - check your dog's weight by feeling his ribs. If (without pressing) you can feel his ribs then his weight is fine. If not, then he is probably overweight. If you do a lot of training with treats then remember to count them as part of his daily food intake not as an extra freebies.

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