Puppy Potty Training—Please Help!

by Anna
(Baltimore, MD, USA)

Hi everyone! I just got an Australian Shepherd and I am looking for tips with potty training. Marley is already pretty good with most things but I cannot get her to consistently pee outside. She already goes poop outside every time and we have never had one of those accidents in the house. Peeing is another story...

We have an astroturf thing instead of puppy pads and sometimes she goes on that but she is still peeing inside the majority of the time. Each time she pees on the astroturf I take it outside and pour the urine on the grass and let her smell. Still does not seem to do the trick.

I take her out to pee frequently, especially after eating, playing, and napping. She goes outside, sniffs around, and then plays or just sits down. The vet recommended taking her out on a leash and I have tried that to make sure she doesn't get distracted by leaves and grass... still does not pee consistently.

The most frustrating thing happened yesterday and I need some advice! I took her outside to pee and she didn't, as soon as she went inside she peed on the floor. I told her no and took her outside. Nothing. Then I took her back inside and she immediately went on the astroturf. After pouring the urine on the grass and making her smell she still went in the house later.

I don't know what else to do! If anyone has any advice PLEASE pass it along. I will be happy to try anything.

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What worked for me
by: Anonymous

Hey! I had a similar issue with my puppy. What worked for me was I would literally carry her outside if she started inside and set her outside so she could finish. I would also walk around the yard with her and let her smell the smells until she sniffed something she wanted to pee on. Then I would immediately say "good girl", take her inside, and give her a treat. After about 5-10 times she would go to the door knowing she would get a treat if she went outside and peed. I know it's frustrating! Hope this helps. Good luck!

This works quickly !!!!
by: Anonymous

Before I tell you what worked for me, I'm thinking indoor peeing on astroturf would be confusing to then go on outdoor grass.. This works within days for this breed, they are so smart.Buy a bag of training treats. Put one in your pocket each trip outside. Bring her to the door on a leash. Tell her something like "Lets go pee pee" Use the same phrase each time. Take her out to the grassy area you want her to go (keeping her on the leash) This is key- do not walk around and do not say a word.You must stand still ( just listen and watch for her to go) It may take time, but just stand still even if she wants to pull you to walk around. When she pees you must praise her happily - what a good girl " did pee pee" and give her the treat. Be consistent and very very soon she will understand. Worked for me. I stopped giving treats when he learned what to do.

by: Anonymous

Have you thought about placing the astroturf just outside the door for a period of time when you can closely monitor her and rush to the door? The rest of the time it might be inside but adjacent to the door. If she eventually learns to ask to go outdoors to pee, then you could move it closer to the lawn.

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