Puppy Temperament

by Ryan Marquis
(West Chester, Ohio)

This is his demeanor

This is his demeanor

I have a 10 week old Aussie that seems to lack enthusiasm to train. He just kinda lays and looks at me sometimes and refuses to train. Is there something I can do to help his enthusiasm to train? How can I help him be more interested with me? I use treats and toys with lots if praise. This is not my first Aussie to train. Thanks

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by: Anonymous

This certainly not normal for an aussie puppy. Did you have him checked out at the vet?

by: Ryan Marquis

He is going this week. He seems to be getting better with his energy and listening. It was just way different than I remember my last aussie pup. And I have only had him 7 days at this point so maybe he is just adjusting still?

by: Anonymous

May have internal parasites taking his nutrition and zapping his energy.

it will get better
by: mike

I have a 12 week aussie. For the first week or two he was very temperamental; not eating a lot or even going to the bathroom. Now, after a month of having him he is very outgoing, playful, eats a lot and loves to train. So, what I am saying is that your little guy should grow out of his timidness once he is adjusted to you and his new environment. I felt the same way you did at first, but trust me he will adjust.
Good Luck

by: Neil

I'm glad he is going to the vet. As you probably know deafness is not unheard of in Aussies.

7 Days is the issue
by: Mike

He has just left the only family he knew and needs some time to adjust. We brought home two from the same litter and while they had each other it took some time for them to get used to us...

He will be fine.

by: Ryan

Thanks everyone! Come to find out he had parvo. It was a long and scary ride. He has made it through and is now acting like the crazy little aussie pup I know and love them for being. Time to start training!

So glad he's OK now.
by: Mystic

We have a very lazy Aussie but he was much older when we got him and had been left in his kennel for long hours. With one that young I was worried that he was either sick or at least partly deaf. Although most of the time deafness comes with white ears. He is beautiful. Are his eyes different colors or is it just the light. My mom has one with one brown and one blue eye. His looks green, but I know they often change colors. My little one has green eyes and everyday I expect them to change.

by: Ryan

He has one green and one blue. He is doing great! Just finished beginner training and going to do a second round and get his K-9 Good citizen. He is picking things up great. I will always have an Aussie.

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