Puppy Training

by Bebs

My Mini Aussie pup is very badly behaved. He is 11 weeks old. I live alone and he is home crated 7 hours a day. I know he is bored and gets excited when I get home but he is sometimes intolerable. I have my sister stopping in to exercise him and let him out of his crate half way through my shift.

When I get home I let him out and play fetch for at least a half hour and before I leave for work. He goes nuts all day every day. He bites and latches onto my pants. He bites my feet, hands, and socks constantly. He doesn't just chew or gnaw he snaps. He bit my face three times now. He tries to herd my cats and they swat at him. I wonder if he is trying to herd me since my cats obviously won't let him. I am stern and consistent with discipline. I will not hit him. I try positive re-enforcement and he just doesn't get it. He listens to discipline for a day or so then ignores it and I'm back at square one.

He isn't catching on to crate training or not biting. He can't be out of his crate for more than half hour-hour or he poops and pees on my carpet at least five times a day. I can't leave him crated ALL THE TIME and I can't stand outside ALL DAY waiting for him to go. I'll stand out there for 15 mins he won't go I bring him inside and he pees. Next time I wait longer and he still doesn't go. He comes inside and pees with no warning. Sometimes while walking. I am getting so frustrated.

I spent $2000 on him and am about to give him away. I refuse to be one of those irresponsible people that get a dog and give him away after a couple weeks but if things don't start getting better I won't have a choice!! He has a million chew toys, bullysticks, nylabones, rope toys, squeeky toys, intelligence toys like treat puzzles and hide a squirrel. He humps his squeaky toys. I put his leash on his collar and he goes limp n refuses to get up. I use a harness and he just rolls around trying to chew on the leash. He is the hardest dog I have ever had to train. I thought he'd be easy because he is so smart. HELP

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Aussies are not for everyone
by: Anonymous

Aussies need lots of exercise (throwing a ball around is not enough) and a job to do which includes mental exercise. Many of the issues with this extremely smart breed are due to their humans lack of understanding of what they need.

If you do choose to find your dog a new home, DO NOT bring them to a shelter. Please contact an Aussie rescue group so they will be able to find the right home for your dog.

Puppy training
by: Nonnie

Try a puppy training class. The trainers have special techniques.

Puppy training
by: Anne

He is still very young...give him time and be consistent with his training. The other comment about training class is good. You need to learn new techniques BUT YOU have to be willing to be patient with him...HE IS A BABY!!!

Anne Calmes
Gold Ring Aussies
Louisiana, USA

11 weeks
by: gayle--big run aussies

Your pup and you are ready for a puppy class. You might consider getting a pet sitter to let him out in the middle of the day. 7 hours is much to long for such a little guy to be home by himself. You can figure that at less than 3 months, he can only hold his urine for 3 or 4 hours at most.
If you can't watch your pup to keep him from relieving himself in the house, you should confine him in his crate or with gates.
Have you tried giving him a Kong with frozen dog food or canned pumpkin? It should keep him busy for a while in his crate.
We always have "safe rooms" for the cats in our house where they don't feel threatened by the dogs. I really miss my old dog who always trained pups not to chase the kitties.
If you do decide you can't keep him, you should consult his breeder who might have a home for him.

A puppy that young needs a lot of attention
by: Anonymous

and constant reminders. The more he is left alone the more he will crave that attention. Are you ignoring the bad behavior or responding to it. I've found that turning my head and pushing him away works much better with my challenging mini than anything else did. After I turn away for about 30 seconds, as soon as he acts good I reward him. He is much older and was left in his crate for long hours which sadly gave him many issues to deal with by the time we got him. Please if you can afford to spend that much for a dog you can afford to hire a trainer. It would be great if you could have your sister let him out and play/work with him in the morning and the trainer come 2 or 3 hours later and do their job with you joining in on the training at least once a week.

If you can't handle him then please find him a good home where someone has plenty of time for him before he's any older. For his sake do it sooner rather than later. There are many families or elderly people on fixed incomes who would love to have a puppy like that but can't afford one plus the vet bills. I wish I could take him because here he would get full time love, but we are in TX and could never afford what you would ask for him. I hope things are already going better. I can't see anyway to tell how old these post are so I don't know how long it's been.

Good Luck!
by: Anonymous

I have an 11 week old mini as well! He's not without his challenges as well. However the more I read and talk to trainers I have learned that attention to your mini is a must to have a successful relationship. They are NOT all the same. Find what works best for you and your puppy. When I worked full time I took my other dog (Mini schnauzer) to a Doggie Day care which was the best thing I could have ever done for him! Now, I am only away from my Aussie for brief times! I suggest doggie day at least a few days a week! Patience, lots of love and positive reinforcement. Good luck! If you must rehome him. Find the perfect place for the little guy!

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