Puppy With Overbite

(Thomasville, NC)

My 4 month Australian Shepherd has a pretty bad overbite, will his jaw keep growing?

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Puppy with an Overbite
by: Anne

Yes, the puppy's jaw will keep growing, but whether or not the jaw and teeth get in alignment with each other is another story. Just have to keep an eye on it. Usually, depending on the degree of overbite, it doesn't go in to a scissors bite, and will stay an overbite.

Anne Calmes
Gold Ring Aussies
Louisiana, USA

Re: overbite
by: Anonymous

It is hard to tell what will happen as your puppy grows. It may get worse or better as he gets older, but chances are it will look the same and there will not be much difference. It should not affect anything that your pup does, and should not hold him back from being a normal puppy. Of course this is a terrible fault, and so therefore, he would not do well in a conformation class, nor should you breed him.
Enjoy and congrats on your new pup!

Same issue here
by: Claudia

I just found out mine does too. He's only 8 weeks old. I hope it's no big deal!? How severe is yours? Would live to share pics!!

My Mini American Shepherd Has A Large Overbite
by: T. Wallis

My Mini American Shepherd at 5 1/2 months has about a 1/4 inch overbite. I'm so worried about his future. Currently, he looks and acts to be doing fine, but the cranky new vet I took him to painted a pretty grim picture of his future. I was given the pup, I didn't know at the time his overbite could be so detrimental to his health.

by: Anonymous

My pup will be 10 weeks this weekend and his overbite looks like his bottom jaw is shorter and I'm so scared that he will push into the roof of his mouth. We bought this dog for our 2-year-old daughter and honestly can't afford cosmetic surgery but we want to do right by the new lil member of our family and he deserves that. What can I do?

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