Puppy Won't Come

by Melissa
(Cuba, KY, USA)

My 13 week old Aussie puppy doesn't come when I call her. She will come to about 2 feet away and when I go to pet her or pick her up she runs from me.

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Puppy won't come
by: Anne

Get some treats in your pocket and bend down and give your pup one, so they know you have cookies/treats. Next time you call the pup, have a treat ready were they can see it and once they get the hang of the game...they will come everytime.
That is how I train 5 week old puppies, and they come every time.
*Very Important* NEVER correct your dog when they come to you...always treats and praise when they come to you!!!
If you have to correct them for something ALWAYS go to them.
Hope that helps

Anne Calmes
Gold Ring Aussies
Louisiana, USA

Not to worry
by: Anonymous

Ah, she's just playig with you, she thinks its a game. Whateveryou don't, don't go after her. Have a treat or favrite toy i hand when you call her, and wait. she'll get the idea, and she will come...close...and she will even sit and wait, if you teach er too. Don't get mad. this breed is very sensative, doesn't take much to make them insecure. enjoy! have fun!

long leash training
by: Anonymous

My 14 month old just started coming consistently with the help of a 40 foot cable. Let them pull a long line around so they forget about it then pick it up and say come while reeling them in...make sure you have lots of treats and happy praises. Keep training this way until they're 100% on the leash even with distractions (other animals) after that you can try without the leash if they fail don't praise or chase them. Gently put them back on the long leash and try again always end on a high note. I've found even when mine doesn't want to come I give him a firm down stay then I go get him.

Same problem!
by: Anonymous

Hi, I am having almost the same issue, I purchased an Aussie pup, 13 weeks. He will come if call him from across the room usually, but most the time, outside , if I call him while he's exploring, or something, he will look at me, then just ignore me and get back to whatever he's doing. Could you tell me if your pup has grown out of it? Or how you corrected it. Thanks much!

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