Pure-Breed "Lethal White" Or Can It Be Mixed?

by Javier
(Madrid, Spain)

I am a boy from Spain. Last year, I rescued a dog from the street and now he's part of our family. Firstly, I didn't know which breed he belonged to. Now I think he's an Australian Shepherd, specifically a "lethal white." He's not deaf and not blind, but its fur patterns look similar to "lethal whites." I would like to know if a "lethal white" can only result from 2 pure Australian Shepherds, or between an Australian Shepherd and another breed, because it seems to me very difficult that my dog is a pure-breed Australian Shepherd.

Thank you very much for your information.

Yours faithfully,


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Lethal White also known as double white merle
by: Suzan

When I rescued my first double white (lethal white) aussie, which is deaf, we were more curious about her eyes, she has the starburst eyes. We started doing some research. While researching we found that the lethal white genes are carried in the merles. When 2 merles mate, this gene is activated. We showed a picture of Penny to a reputable breeder and she verified that the double white (lethal white) is a gene condition that is only created when 2 merles mate. They get their name lethal white because many of the puppies do not survive. Most of the puppies have the starburst eyes, which does not allow their eyes to filter light as well as normal eyes. So they may squint alot. Puppies usually will be born deaf and or blind. Some puppies may be born with none of these conditions. They also may inherit some other problems which may not show until later.

More Information about Homozygous, "Lethal White or Double White" Merles
by: Anton

Hi Javier, you can find more information about this here...

Homozygous "Lethal White" Merles

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