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This is Bailee Joy

This is Bailee Joy

I have two Aussie puppies. Bailee is a mini, blue-eyed, blue merle, female, Maggie is a toy, brown-eyed, black tri, female. They are half sisters and 2 weeks apart. I got them from Southern Star Mini Aussies here in Texas. They are nine months and nine and a half months old.

Bailee is by far the most active. She would play frisbee all day if I would throw it all day. They are both pretty well house trained. We have some incidents due to them being so excited that when they go outside, they don't take care of business, they just play. Then when they get back inside, they realize they need to go.

They sleep in kennels at night. Bailee's is a wire kennel with lots of air circulation. Maggie's is the plastic type. She tends to chew up everything. She chewed great hunks out of the rip-stop nylon cover for her kennel. So we decided it was safer to just get her a plastic kennel. She seems to like it just fine.

Bailee has been the harder one to house train. We are having times when she has been in her kennel and when we get her out, her coat is soaked in the back hip area - only on one side (whichever side she was sleeping on). The tray may have water on it and the towel will be from damp to very wet. However, it doesn't smell like pee. It just smells like a wet towel. You can even smell the fabric softener. Occasionally, it will be pee, but 80% of the time it doesn't smell like pee. So what is happening?

I hope someone has an answer.

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Wet crate
by: Anonymous

Its pee! Try restricting liquid the hour before bedtime and making sure he pees outside before crating him.

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