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Question About an Ex-Breeder Dog Adjusting to Being a Family Pet

by MM

Has anyone gotten an ex breeder female dog that has always been a kennel dog? If so, was she able to adjust to being a family pet and in the house? How did she react to other female spayed dogs?

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Breeder rehomes
by: Anonymous

First, every dog is different. But from my experience with my breeder, the dogs are happy to become household pets and part of a family, they will be happy for the individual attention. Even if the new dog is spayed before you get it, there may be some competition between two females—or they may be fine with each other. That is hard to predict. A trial visit could help there.

Experience is rough but worth it.
by: Tabitha

I'm used to fostering dogs from abused situations but when I finally rescued a breed aussie it changed my world. She had been abused and neglected but also used for breeding. She's half the size of a normal aussie so they were upset that none of her litters made it to birth and wanted to get rid of her. She has a forever home with us and it's been rough the past 5 months of having her. I do not regret it one bit as she is growing and getting used to life of people and being inside. She's skittish and quick to run and always is fearful when we arrive due to being abused physically and never having positive contact. She won't move off the couch unless we are in another room or at work, we just got her to where she will just from couch to couch if she wants to avoid us or avoid something like the vacuum or brush. Still very fearful that she will be abused but enjoys her daily excersize. I will definatly say excersize is a big thing especially if they were caged. It brings out a whole new personality to her, especially since she can actually come inside and have 24/7 access to fresh water and delicious fresh prepared food and the occasional snacks. I'm not sure if other breeders had this problem of their dogs being touch sensitive, she hates ohysical contact but if she knows you want to pet her she will scoot close and let you pet her for a few minutes before doing a little roll onto her butt then back to the other side of the couch. We have finally got her trained to come to the door when she needs to go potty or wants to go for a run which is great progress. Just be kind and be patient. Someday it feels like you make so much progress and then it's back to square one the next day but it will be worth it in the end. Just love them unconditionally!

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