Question About Australian Shepherd Teeth

by Traci Wright

I have a very healthy 6 year old Aussie. I have noticed lately that he seems to be grinding his teeth or, at least, that 's what it sounds like. Checking his mouth he does have a number of teeth that are worn down a fair amount especially considering his age.

I have never given him bones so that can't be the problem. The chewiest thing he gets for a treat are jerky sticks and even those maybe one a week at most.

I also have an older Aussie, aged 13. His teeth are not worn as much as the younger one. The older is on several heart meds but otherwise the diets have always been the same. I feed them high quality foods, as in Canidae dry and Evo canned.

Could this young dog be missing something in his diet that the food is not providing. Would would cause a dog to have his teeth wear down at such a young age?

Thanks for any suggestions etc.


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