Question About Brushing Or Cutting Fur Of Australian Shepherd Rescue

by Steve
(La Quinta)

We rescued an Aussie last year. When we got him his coat had been shaved down. Everything I read says he’s gonna be messed up from now on. His coat has grown in thick and if I brush him every other night with a FURminator I get a couple hand fulls of fur.

I live in the desert and the temperatures inside the house will be in the low 80’s. He pants regularly when it gets above 85.

Is there anything I can do to help his coat or do I keep on with the puppy cuts so he’ll be comfortable this summer. He’s never left in the heat or sunlight. FYI.

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Aussie coat issues
by: Anonymous

I live in Ontario Canada, where temps indoors are around 70 and outside in summer can get to mid 80s. Aussies do have thick coats but I have always been told by vets and breeders that their coat keeps them cool in summer and warm in winter, and they don't need to be shaved down. Having said that, my dog gets hot very easily so I have plenty of water around, also a cooling coat and gel pad. I think it comes down to personal preference really. But, using a Furminator on the coat is not a good idea, it breaks the fibres and pulls out the essential guard hairs - use only when blowing coat spring and fall.

Furry dogs
by: Carol

I'm 70 years old and have had furry dogs my whole life, never cut them they need the fur for protection. Our 4 year old Aussie gets brushed every other day and gets a fan, shade and plenty of water!

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