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Question About Cause Of My Dog's Seizures And Best Treatment

by Samantha

I am a Mini Aussie owner. Her name is Gracie and I absolutely love my Mini to death. She started having seizures and I think I was told by the veterinarian that they didn’t think that they were seizures because her eyeballs were going back and forth and not all around.

They put her on a high blood pressure medication and said that would help. We are still continuing to have seizures and I am scared to death. It is absolutely terrifying as you know. If you have experiences I live in Ashland, Oregon and I have spent hundreds and hundreds of dollars and I have gotten nowhere. I don’t want anything to happen more to her brain or damage it if it is.

We are having seizures once a week now and we have had, I think, four or five this month. They started last November. We had one then when we made a big move from Montana to Oregon it seems like.

I’m not sure though, she gets overstimulated or we did something that day or evening? I don’t know if it’s just her panting or if she’s overheated. I try to be very careful with her. I am with her every day all day long. I take her to work with me, we walk, we eat good.

She is 2 1/2 and she’s a blue merle. She weighs about 19 pounds and she is very petite for her size. She is loved.

Please let me know if I should just put her on some seizure medication and what kind or if I should take her to OHS and get her all of the scans and blood tests that they want. We have already done blood test, urine test, thyroid test, and everything is normal.

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Austrailian Shepherd Seizures
by: Michele Ciemny

My standard Aussie is also having seizures. I did some internet research and it is not uncommon for the breed and they usually start at about 2 years old. What I read said that seizure meds are not successful in handling them and that the dogs who develop the seizure condition don't live as long as those who do not. I have gone to see a holistic vet who has put together a dosing of natural ingredients that he has had success with for minimizing them. Not a cure but something at least. I don't know what all the ingredients are that he is putting together but I would suggest seeing a holistic vet and trying that approach. It does seem to reduce the frequency and severity of the seizures which helps prevent the physical damage they cause. I want my baby to last as long as the Lord sees fit to let me have her!

by: Anonymous

Was she taking Trifexis or Bravecto?

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