Question About Crate Training My Australian Shepherd Puppy

by Sterling
(Doylestown, Pa)

I have a new 10-week-old male red merle Aussie. He sleeps amazing in his crate at night for up to 8 hours sometimes. I feel bad leaving him for the day. Is it ok to lock him in his crate for short periods of time and go out for a bit?

Any tips on crate training would help. Thanks.

Note from Anton: Here is an article that might be of help:
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Crate training is what it means
by: Anonymous

I understand that you are worried about leaving your pup inside the crate for long periods of time, but trust me at that age that is the safest place they could be. If he sleeps overnight with no issue then he already feels that that is his safe space and he will not mind staying there for longer periods while awake.

It is definitely OK to lock him up in the crate for short periods of time as long as you make sure to take him out every 20-30 minutes for potty and playtime, otherwise he will grow bored.

As for going out for a bit it depends on what you mean "for a bit". I would usually say that 3 hours alone in the crate for a grown dog is already pushing it a bit, especially if they will be alone in the house with no one to watch them. Your puppy is very young and might have an accident if left alone for longer than 30 minutes (while awake), plus I have heard many horror stories of their little paws getting caught between the crate bars when their parent was not watching (so consider me a bit biased). I would say that if you are going out for a long period of time then maybe have a family member stay in the house to watch over the pup.

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