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Question About Grooming My Australian Shepherd's Paws And Pads

by Kelsey

I have a purebred Australian Shepherd who is almost 5. We took him after my great grandfather passed. One weekend in May a few years ago he was getting groomed and we asked for a clean summer trim.

Well, I picked him up and he was bald... I mean I could see his skin and he had razor burn all over his stomach. The groomer said it was the dog's fault cause he kept sitting down so it wasn’t razor burn it was probably a bruise from them having to keep lifting him up.

Either way, we were pissed. Since then his hair has NOT been the same. Which I figured it wouldn’t be but I was hoping it wasn’t this bad. The worst parts are his bottom and his paws. We call his paws ‘grinch toes’ because they curl up they are so long!

He already has a lot of baggage and hasn’t had it easy but grooming is not his favorite. I want to just help trim his paws and pads.

Any suggestions? Has anyone else experienced this...?

Photo my husband took when I asked what they were doing, but it shows his paws really good. Also a picture from when he was shaved. 😢

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Paw clipping
by: Anonymous

I am a certified master groomer. It will take about 2 years for the coat to grow back in. Until then you will have what is called a false coat - thick undercoat that everything will stick to. It will also make your dog hotter since the guard hairs are not there to cool him. To trim the paws you can use scissors and clip the hair on the pads of the feet even with the pad. Or you can clip between the paws if there are mats. If you clip between the pads use a small pair of rounded tip shears. For the top of the paw take a slicker brush and comb backward on the paw. That will pull all the dead hair up and then snip the hair off even with the top of the paw. If there are mats you may have to use the small rounded tip shears to snip between the toes. This is the procedure for pet grooming, not a show groom. Hope this helps.

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