Question About Hip Displasia Procedure For Four-Month-Old Australian Shepherd

by David Hartzog
(San Marcos )

We have a four-month-old Australian Shepherd that has been diagnosed with hip dysplasia in the right hip. Mostly he will have issues later on, possibly being arthritis in his right hip.

There is a procedure that we can have done called juvenile public symphiodedis before they are 5 months old. Had anyone had this procedure done and it is recommended?

We only have a few weeks to decide and not sure if it is worth doing.

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by: Anonymous

Can you get another opinion? I know it is so hard to make such a difficult decision. What does your breeder say about it? What would happen if you did nothing right now? Is there some kind of physiotherapy that might help instead? Your pup is awfully young for preventive surgery.

Hip Dysplasia
by: Sue

My puppy was diagnosed with hip dysplasia at 6 months and the surgeon did a TPO, Triple Pelvic Osteotomy. They have to be over 5 months old but not more than 1 year. After surgery, she was on crate rest for 6 weeks. I am so glad we had it done because she didn't have any problems until she was 13 and it was on the side that wasn't done and she still did ok until she was 15. We then had to help her some. She passed away 3 months before her 16th Birthday.

Hip Displasia
by: Anonymous

Thanks for your story Sue, we feel we need to do this surgery now as it is the least invasive option now. And we hope we get to spend 15 years with him. Sorry about your dog.

Hip Dysplasia
by: Sue

I wish you and your baby as good of an outcome as we had and hope you also have 15 years with him.

by: Anonymous

Thank you

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