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Are Aussies generally more hyperactive than Border Collies?

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by: Anonymous

I have 2 Aussie's and before I choose the Aussie I researched and met a few Border collie's. Aussies are less hyperactive than Border Collies. My Dog's have alot of energy and need play time but, I wouldn't call them hyperactive. Aussies can relax and lay at your feet or beside you on the couch for hours. Border Collies need a mile or two walk each day to keep them calm.

by: Anonymous

No, generally Border Collies are much more hyperactive than the Aussies. That's why, speaking for myself, though the Border Collies are cute, and smart, I choose Aussies, because they can be calm, and relax, where as a Border Collie, in my opinion, is much more hyper; though both are sweet and intelligent, good natured dogs.

It depends
by: Anonymous

In general I think Aussies are more laid back but you never really know. You have to evaluate each individual dog for its temperament. I rescued a blue Merle border collie from a bad breeder. She was the most laid back dog I have ever had. Just laid in the house all day. My brother's Aussie is super hyperactive. Can't stand still for a minute and constantly paces back and forth. My Aussie female is of about a medium energy with spurts throughout the day of high energy. So, like I said you can get all different temperaments. Even within the same litter. Evaluate your dog before purchasing to be sure the energy level suits your lifestyle.

Border Collie
by: Camila

I own a Border Collie, she's 14 months old, have been with me for a year now. I take her to run daily with the bike, for at least 45 minutes of good run (kind of fast, since I have built in her great resistance for one reason), practice obedience at home at least 4-5 times a week, for 10 to 15 minutes each class. I take her to the hill and do trekking for one or two hours (during weekends even more) a time she can run freely, chase cows and horses off, etc (I take her at least 2 times a week). We practice Canicross and I am introducing her to Agility. With all this exercise, she never gets tired. She's always moving and only sometimes she will lay and rest while I am studying. She needs to be doing something all the time, but this is usual in Border Collies of her age. Besides, I chose her because of her bloodline; her parents worked all day with herd and had great resistance and power; they would never stop moving around just like her. I wanted and extremely energetic dog that could go everywhere with me; and she over passed my expectative.

When she was around 6 months, I took her for an 8 hours trekking, all up the mountain. She was running around all the time, never stopped. When we got home, she went directly to sleep next to me, but after 2 hours, or maybe less, she was already up and wanting to play, could you believe it? Haha.

They are truly excellent dogs, but if you are not an active person who likes being outside all the time, I wouldn't recommend a BC.

Of course their personality and energy levels will be influenced by how you raise them and train them, but usually this is no-stopping dogs.

I haven't had an Aussie, so I can't expand, but I truly believe an Aussie isn't as hyperactive as a Border Collie. They both might need exactly the same amount of exercise a day, but maybe the Aussie will be calmed when being at home; the Border Collie will not, and they will find the way of entertaining themselves.

For those calmed BCs, how you raise them, their parent's personality, their pup hood environment and many other factors will influence in how active or nervous your dog will be.

Not active BCs might be a depressed one. I know a bunch of BCs (really LOTS of them), and all of them have amazing owners, none of those dogs are relaxed or calmed; even though they are fully trained in obedience, they will run around if released off leash.

This dogs are also too imature, they usually calm down at 2 years old or so, but neeeever lose their puppy way to be, at least not with the owner.

Bark control device
by: Bay

So I have a pup named Bandit. He is 3 months old and is very well behaved. However, when i leave for class during the day, I am told he barks nonstop. I have tried puttin a tshirt in the crate with him and that hasn't worked. I've tried putting chews and bones in there so he can be busy and that doesn't work. i've lengthen my morning out so he's in his crate long before i leave and that hasn't proven any better. When i'm home, he is calm when he's in his crate. ill put him in there and go do things in the house and around the house and he's good. no crying. I've contemplated getting a digital bark control that emits that high frequency sound when he barks until he stops but i don't want to buy all these things only for them to not work. what has worked for other owners? how do you stop the barking?

Aussie puppy nipping
by: Terry

My aussie puppy Luke is 3 months old. I have had him since January 3. He is a very smart dog, but I am experiencing some issues with his nipping/biting. He is very friendly to most people he meets (there hasn't been very many) and I can tell he adores me (I am his primary caregiver), but he seems to nip and bite me more than anyone else in the house. I have tried many tactics to make him stop and have been unsuccessful so far. Why does he bite me so much and what can I do to stop it? Thank you, Terry

White on eye
by: Anonymous

I noticed that the mother of the litter has some white at the bottom of her right eye. The breeder is saying it’s common in the breed and not a defect. Is this something I should be concerned about?

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