Red Merle Has Kinda Bald Spot On His Nose?

by Alesha
(Newport, OR, USA)

I just adopted a 9 month old red merle Aussie. When we first got him we thought he might have gotten scratched by some previous cats he was living with and maybe he had a rash on his nose. Well upon further investigation we've discovered that he has no scratch on his nose and that it is normal, especially for merles, to have kinda a bald spot on the top of the nose and it is suppose to fill in with hair by one year old. I'm worried his won't.

Has anyone else ever had this happen and it actually fill in by a year old? It's not really bad it does just look like a rash so it's not like his whole nose is bald, just mostly right at the nose and then up the muzzle a little, eventually fading as you get further up the muzzle. Thanks

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Aussie nose
by: Anonymous

Do you feed/water in plastic bowls? If so, STOP! Plastic can cause lupus in dogs. It usually looks like a rash, or a red spot with no hair. It may very well be an allergy. If your dog doesn't have alot of pigment on nose it could be sunburnt. THese are only a few possibilities, but it's a place to start.

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