Registering My Pups And Many Other Questions

by Amanda Hermann

Ok... I have a couple questions for everyone.

I have two black tri Australian Shepherds that are 5 months old. They are brother and sister. Their mother had a large litter but only ended up saving my two. Both of their parents are AKC registered but the owners did not want to register my puppies because she wanted to get rid of them and when I told them I would pay for the registering fees she still said no. This leads me to my questions.

1. Is there anyway that I can register my puppies?

I originally got them to show, but if they can't be registered then I can't really do that.

2. Does anyone have any advice on house training two puppies at once?

They are in a crate at night and if I have to be gone for work and even if they have gone out they still potty on the floor at least once.

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Your puppies
by: Nonnie

Did you check that the breeder was legit?

by: gayle--big run aussies

In my suspicious mind, I am thinking the parents were not registered. Do you have the parents official AKC names? Why would the breeder not want to register the litter? Its not that expensive and much easier to sell the pups.
If you are interested in showing in performance--agility, obedience, herding, etc., you can get an ILP from AKC, ASCA and most other registries with proof of spay/neuter. Hope to see you in the agility ring!

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