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Re-Home Or Keep Aussie?

Looking for suggestions on my Aussie. We have had Boots since he was 10 weeks old, and he is currently 4.5. My husband and I love our Aussie so much; he was our first "baby."

We had our first human baby 11 months ago, and its really caused a strain in our relationship with Boots. Boots has shown a but of aggression towards our son, and towards our nephews.

We are at the point of contemplating re-homing him, but this completely breaks my heart. I want to keep Boots, but I also want what's best for him... and I fear that we aren't giving that to him. Despite a ton of training Boots does not walk well on a leash which makes walks sparse and very stressful. He has a backyard to play in, but its not huge.

I guess my question is - Would it be better to re-home him (we know someone with a farm and no children who would love to have him)... or is the territorialism and aggression towards kids something we can train him in?


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by: Tom

He's acting out because you are paying more attention to the baby now, he was getting all the attention and now not so much.
You can walk him in your house to train him on the leash, make it short so that he walks right by your leg and speak down to him saying "by me" repeatedly do this everyday for a week gradually letting more slack out of the leash but continue to say " by me" he will get it.
Remember they are very smart and seeing all these people coming in to see the baby, he feels he's being replaced so you have to give him more attention. I know this because I have been through it.

finding a good home
by: Anonymous

the are many good homes willing to take small children.

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