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Rescue Aussie Nipping Strangers Inside The Home

by Jay Houston
(Jackson, MS)

My wife and I are at our wits end. We have a 5 year old Aussie we rescued 4 years ago and she is perfect. With the occasional barking at the wind blowing, she is absolutely a joy. Because of this, we elected to get another Aussie as a companion. We adopted an 8 year old Aussie from the animal rescue league about 6 months ago and love her very much. We were told that she was turned over to them because the family that had her since birth were moving out of state and were unable to have animals in the apartment they were renting. Again, we love her but we have we have 3 problems:

1. She has nipped 5 of our guests over the last 6 months and we almost to the point of returning her to the pound (only as a last resort).

2. Sometimes when she is being petted by any of our 3 kids, she will growl and bear her teeth (but won't bite). And when the kids move back a few feet, she will walk over to them and sit to be petted.

3. Our neighbors have a dog and our yards are separated by a wooden fence. When their dog is next to the fence, our Aussie will attack the fence, bark and will not come when called. The bark is her ferocious bark, clawing the fence, and will not come to me when called.

We are to the point of getting a shock collar and if that doesn't work, she has to go back. I know there is a simple explanation and fix, but I have no idea what to do. Please help!!!!!! Aussies are the best dogs to own (minus the shedding) and we would hate to take her back to the animal rescue league.

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I Recommend This Professional Dog Trainer
by: Anton

Hi Jay,

Since you are dealing with a fairly aggressive Aussie I highly recommend you check out the program created by the professional dog trainer from New Zealand, Doggy Dan. I've posted the following information before for others with similar behavior problems. I really like his approach and the cost of his program is pretty reasonable. His online video training program addresses aggression and many other behavior problems as well as comprehensive training.

He gives instruction in easy to follow videos and then shows you how to implement the training with his own dog training clients. Since the lessons are online in video format they are available 24/7 and you can watch them as many times as you like.

He has a couple of plans available (much cheaper than hiring a profession trainer one-on-one) and you can check out his entire video library (not just a few lessons… the whole program) for only $1 for 3 days access so you can see for yourself how excellent his program really is. After that you can go month-to-month or just go with the 6 month plan to get the best value.

More Info About Dan's Online Dog Training Program Here…

Best of Luck! ~ Anton

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