Rescued an Aussie—Need Tips

by Rebecca

I am just looking for some resources and someone to talk to about this surprise addition to our pack. Here is the story of Lucky (so far).

This morning my boyfriend and I were able to rescue a beautiful Australian Shepherd female named Lucky. She was on her way to the local animal shelter to be "surrendered." Her previous owner said she produced two litters a year for as long as he had her. She was filthy and covered in fleas/ticks.

I assume he was breeding her to make money off the puppies. I see no coincidence in him having her fixed and then immediately giving her up. There were still a stitch or two left under the skin from where he had tried to take the stitching out himself (along with a mild infection). He gladly let us take her and wished us luck, telling us she has been known to bite other dogs to protect him.

We got her home, fed and bathed her, gave her some Comfortis to kill the fleas and picked off the ticks. We cut out the matted fur, got the stitches out and treated the inflamed skin. We also set up a safe place for her to sleep on the porch.

Here is my reason for writing all of this: We have three inside dogs that were left injured or starving in the woods beside our house. They are territorial and quick to bark at the slightest movement outside. I am taking steps to slowly introduce them. If anyone out there has a hard-learned lesson or tip they would like to share with a new Aussie guardian please, comment/respond with any information. If they are all trying to protect this territory I need them to know they are all on the same side.

Thank you for your time, I look forward to any/all response(s)

Rebecca *of the deep woods*

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