Returning Frisbees

by Jules
(Charleston, SC)



Sophie is my 3 yr old Mini Aussie. She knows the standard tricks, with a few more expert tricks. Her Frisbee is her favorite toy at the dog park. She loves to fetch the frisbee, but her return is horrible. She will go get it, then run right past you and trot off somewhere. Then I have to go get it and throw it again. I realize going to get it from her has created a bad habit for her... but I have no idea how to get her to stop running past me and actually bring me the frisbee so I can throw it again, and again. Anyone have any suggestions?

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Returning Frisbees
by: jcrply

If she is food motivated, you could try treats for bringing the frisbee back to you. To keep her from flying by, you could have her on a longline to start with and reel her in with the frisbee, quickly take frisbee and at the same time deliver the treat and give outrageous praise. If she catches on that giving you the frisbee equals treat for her, then hopefully you can eliminate the longline. Eventually you can start phasing out the treats, treat randomly.

by: Nonie

Come, Sit, Drop It, Leave it

by: Gayle-- Big Run Aussies

I wrote an article about frisbee a while back for this website. Here's the link. But to get her to return the frisbee, you might want to let her know that you are playing the game your way or not at all. If she doesn't bring it back, you don't throw. Game over. However, you could also run away from her, so that she chases YOU with the frisbee. One of the biggest mistakes people make with the frisbee is throwing the disc too far and expecting the dog to bring it back, so don't throw is so far.
But the sad truth is that some dogs do not retrieve. It is a foreign idea to them. You can try the retrieve games in the house with toys that your dog likes and reward her for returning them with a treat and she should transfer this concept to the frisbee outside. Have fun!
Some of my dogs have been frisbee champions, but some could care less. It doesn't matter, we just do something else.

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